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9/9/13 3:27 P

Bored at work, it that a blessing or a curse? I pray for a boring day at work...still haven't had one in over 15 years. Hmmm?

CALCULATOR90 Posts: 14
9/9/13 11:02 A

Good point. Moment of madness rant. Couldnt delete my comment though so just edited it! Thanks for advice

SHERYLDS Posts: 12,892
9/9/13 10:53 A

Hi there
Not a good idea to post your profile picture, where you live, and where you work
Just saying.

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Sheryl from New Jersey, EST...2015 start wt. 231
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9/9/13 10:52 A

It must not be automatic, I didnt see an acceptance. And I have a few friends from Ireland from some websites online. I hear it's a GORGEOUS place...somewhere I've always wanted to visit.
I love Sparkpeople.....ran into it looking for motivational sites for dieting. I'm one of those people who start things but never finish LOL

CALCULATOR90 Posts: 14
9/9/13 10:38 A

Hmmm hold on went to accept there and couldnt find it or is it just automatic? Sorry!

CALCULATOR90 Posts: 14
9/9/13 10:37 A


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9/9/13 10:29 A

Oh really? Thats cool...I friend requested ya. Hope it's okay.

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CALCULATOR90 Posts: 14
9/9/13 10:21 A

Well I live in Ireland so its like half three in the afternoon here. Only 2 hours left! Do you have a desk job?

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9/9/13 10:18 A

6 hours? wow...I wish I could say I'm almost done with my day

CALCULATOR90 Posts: 14
9/9/13 10:04 A

Good Morning! Well for me Im most of the way through my work day but what a very boring day it has been! Have done nothing since I came in the door 6 hours ago!

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9/9/13 9:51 A

Good Monday Morning to ya :) just bored, wanted to just chat. :)

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