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4/18/12 12:28 P

Agreed. I also use circuit training. But as the previous poster stated, my heart rate is up most of the time!!

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4/18/12 12:38 A

If you check my tracker for Monday you can see what I do. I figure out how many minutes of my class my heart rate was in the "cardio" zone, and track those as "circuit training". I then manually enter the rest of the minutes with a small, arbitrary number (I like round numbers, so if I burned 378 through "circuit training" in 75 minutes, I'll manually add 12 calories in 15 minutes to bring my total minutes to 90). My bootcamp class is CRAZY so my heart rate is up for most of the class.

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4/17/12 10:47 P

Thanks for the help

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4/17/12 8:16 P

I would use your quick tracker. However, I have a mixed bootcamp class, so I track in two ways: 1, I enter the individual strength training exercises in the strength tracker for Sparkpoints. I also enter the total time in my cardio tracker, but only count calories for the cardio portion, which I track with a HRM. Like today, we did a mixed class of strength/cardio, but I only recorded 200 calories because that's what I burned during the cardio portion. :)

Note that my method ends up adding extra minutes, since adding an individual exercise in the strength tracker automatically adds 5 minutes to your quick tracker... I don't pay any attention to that number, though, so this works for me.

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4/17/12 3:09 P

Use the Quick Track and just record the minutes.

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4/17/12 1:44 P

I'm taking a bootcamp class. How do I record this in "My Fitness Tracker"? Thanks.

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