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Bonus Wheel - It is NOT the same for everyone

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Posts: 395
4/9/13 9:17 P

I've won a SP DVD and several times have gotten extra SP Goodie Points 50-100. Mostly though I get between 2 and 10 points.

Posts: 33,498
4/9/13 7:53 P

Cathy, yes the wheel is the same for everyone.

You should see "goodie points" of 100 or 500 appear now and then on your wheel, but you might not land on them. These aren't "spark points", even if someone calls them "bonus points" in their feed, they're just for buying goodies.

You get 3 spark points when you win a goodie bonus.

Posts: 1,567
4/3/13 3:50 P

It seems like when I miss a couple of days at SP, when I come back, I seem to get 20 or 25 pts. on the bonus wheel. One time I won a workout DVD! I was pretty thrilled!

SparkPoints: (7,167)
Fitness Minutes: (4,027)
Posts: 18
3/27/13 10:37 P

I got the 100 Goodie Points the other day :) It was the first and last time so far that it showed up

Posts: 3,178
3/27/13 12:42 A

seems like any time there's a 2 on the wheel, that's what i get. not today, today was a 5

SparkPoints: (151,038)
Fitness Minutes: (136,355)
Posts: 3,948
3/25/13 5:05 A

"Good" wheels are VERY rare, and even when they appear, getting the good deal is WAY rare.

SparkPoints: (7,311)
Fitness Minutes: (1,404)
Posts: 1,455
3/24/13 2:27 P

ive noticed that as well

Posts: 2,413
3/24/13 11:37 A

It really is random. I have gone weeks and not seen 25 points and mostly got 2 points. Than I got 25 points 2 days in a row.

SparkPoints: (68,347)
Fitness Minutes: (28,325)
Posts: 1,581
3/22/13 3:42 P

I have won goodie points once and they showed up on the wheel for me today but I didn't win them :(

SparkPoints: (62,992)
Fitness Minutes: (30,779)
Posts: 2,342
3/22/13 10:54 A


SparkPoints: (128,626)
Fitness Minutes: (32,656)
Posts: 21,456
3/22/13 6:15 A

I mostly have 20 or 25 as a maximum appear on the wheel, but I have on the very odd occasion had a 500 or 1000 Goodie Points show up, and have even managed to win them - 4-5 times over a few years on here :-) Hang in there with it and I am sure you will strike it lucky too!


Posts: 30,408
3/21/13 10:43 P

The points on the wheel's are done randomly.

Coach Denise

SparkPoints: (62,992)
Fitness Minutes: (30,779)
Posts: 2,342
3/21/13 6:35 P

Just wondering why I see so many of my friends remarking that they just won 100 or 500 Bonus or Goodie Points but my wheel doesn't go past 25 points.....

It happens most days.

What's up with that???

Just wondering why the Bonus Wheel is not the same for everyone.

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