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IJOANIE Posts: 351
11/30/12 6:47 P

I too have suffered with heel spurs, but I had physical therapy for it, and also got prescription orthotics. They have not bothered me for years now.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,584
11/30/12 2:01 P

I'd ask your doctor what exercises they'd suggest and what you should avoid. If you're looking for seated workout ideas, check out our Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

11/30/12 1:11 P

Did you see a podiatrist? I have a bone spur on my right heel, for several years now. My podiatrist made a special orthotic for that foot and it took the pressure off the heel. I wore it for a long time. It finally wore out and now I just use Dr. Scholl's inserts and they work just fine for me. But maybe your doctor could make an orthotic special for you?

The only exercise I like (and can afford!) is walking. I wear New Balance 846's, they're $110 but so worth it. I've worn them (well, they used to be 842's but they keep changing the number every so often) for years, even when I was waitressing. They're wonderful! I walk 30-60 minutes per day outside, or if I can't be outside then I do the Walk Away The Pounds DVD's. My heel does hurt a bit when I first get up in the morning, but as soon as I put shoes on it's fine.

Good luck!

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11/30/12 10:40 A

I have been having problems with my feet (specifically my left foot, but my right on occasion) since March of this year. It had gotten to the point that it hurt to walk and exercise was out of the question for me because I could hardly handle moving around for an hour at a time during photo sessions. (I'm a photographer.) I finally went to the doctor a few weeks ago and they did an x-ray and found a fairly large bone spur. They want to operate, but with two small kids and my job I can't afford to be off my feet for six weeks, minimum. I bought some new shoes with better support, and from what I have read if I were to lose weight the effects of the spur would be less and the pain wouldn't be as bad.

The sneakers helped immensely, so I started out with easy exercise. I found a routine online that is a "silent workout". No jumping or running, no equipment needed. Kicks, punches, squats, lunges, planks, leg lifts, crunches, etc. I did it this morning for the first time and now I have a horrible tightness/pain in my heel where my achilles tendon is. Can anyone help give me some ideas for exercises I can do? I live in NY so swimming is out of the question as I have to do all workouts either in my home or outside because I can't afford a gym membership.

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