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5/20/13 10:55 P

I prefer to eat the fruit and not have the juice. You can still get a 'drink' effect from a lot of fruits - think and nice crunchy juicy apple, a pear or an orange.


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5/20/13 10:43 P

Thanks for your replies. I will try putting everything in the blender and hope it all liquefies.

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5/20/13 8:25 P

If you are going to drink juice anyway, homemade juice is a wiser choice than store-bought juice, but it doesn't provide any nutritional advantages over the foods you're juicing. In fact, it's removing nutrients (and if you have the kind that produces pulp, all of the fiber.)

No matter what kind of juice you drink, Dietitian Becky here on Sparkpeople has recommended that you get no more than one glass per day in your diet. There's nothing wrong with juicing, but I personally don't think the high dollar juicers are worth their novelty efforts. The science simply isn't there, and there's no magical benefit to them.

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5/20/13 5:23 P

Instead of juice, use a blender and use the whole fruit. I like to take sparkling water or even coconut water and blend some fresh or frozen fruit - usually berries of some sort and maybe some apple (frozen fruit will make it slushy) - add some fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice - it's way better than juice and better for you because you get the fiber from the whole fruit.

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5/20/13 4:19 P

Thanks for everyones reply. "I" think it is high in calories and has a lot of sugar in it. So from what I am understanding at this point it is too high in calories for a beverage. I have tried juicing in a juicer and find it too much trouble and the clean up is a lot, but I may give it another try. The juicer I have also produces too much pulp, seems like so much waste.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,458
5/20/13 1:03 P

Look at the label and see if you are comfortable with consuming it.

How many calories does it have? What is it made of? Things like that.

It is probably an item that can be enjoyed in moderation.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/20/13 12:43 P

Technically there are times that cookies can be "good for you". ;)

What do you mean by good for you? Like anything else, if it helps you meet your daily nutrients while staying in your calorie range there's nothing wrong with enjoying it. It's not a miracle drink that will make you healthier just by drinking it and making no other changes, but it's not like it's inherently "bad for you".

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/20/13 9:16 A

I am leary of any juices they sell in a store. True green juice needs to be consumed within 1/2 of hour of making it. They would be adding preservatives and additives to keep it fresh.

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5/19/13 11:06 P

Is Bolthouse Green Juice good for you?

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