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12/17/13 12:13 A

I have tried this and liked it - it is easier than zumba and is a good cardio workout. The only problem I have is that it is very new at my gym and those teaching it incorporate right leg kicks over and over and it made me fill unbalanced. I think this will change after a while.

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12/14/13 8:00 P

Thanks for the feedback. I am definitely interested in this. It sounds easier than Zumba. I understand there is a DVD coming out. In the meantime, I'm looking into classes near me.

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12/14/13 7:54 P

I've heard of it and tired it. I did it after my last Zumbathon in August. They had a 30 minute trial to give us a sample of Bokwa. Besides, doing numbers and letters there is no break in the music like Zumba. Once the music starts it continues until the end of the workout. Go on Youtube and check it out.

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12/14/13 6:21 P

I've heard of Bowka as well. Its supposed to be effective cardio and muscle strengthening and a lot of fun. I also heard of Doonya, which is like Bollywood dance. I hope they come out with a dvd or a dvd system.

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12/13/13 9:20 P

hi Zinixo

the only thing that makes Bokwa like Zumba is it is a dance fitness class, it can be high or low impact depending on the participant and the move, people of all ages can Bokwa, if you can spell and move, you can Bokwa, each move is based on a letter or number and is cued by a hand signal which is based on signlanguage, i love all forms of dance fitness, but Bokwa was the only one that has made me want to learn more and do my instructor training. i find i get a better work out from Bokwa, but i guess it also depends on what you put into your fitness.

sorry i havent seen your post earlier, hope i have answered some of your questions

kind regardsjavascript:void(0)

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10/14/13 7:36 P

Anyone heard of this? I just stumbled across it on Greatist. Would love to hear your take on it if you have taken a class or instruct a class. How does it compare to Zumba or similar dance classes? Is it low impact? Thank you.

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