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Posts: 465
6/15/12 11:18 A

I love bodyrock workouts. You can't beat something that's free, short, and uses minimal/no equipment! After doing them last year every other day for two months I saw a real difference in how I looked. I prefer the older Zuzanna vids to the newer non-Zuzanna ones though.

Posts: 5,070
6/14/12 2:43 P

If you like the style and don't want all the sex-- look up ZWOW on youtube. she used to be a bodyrocker and now has started her own website. She is basically all bodyweight exercises and uses very little to no equipment. Her workouts are killers. The downside is she only comes out with one workout each week, but they are fun and hard.

SparkPoints: (2,647)
Fitness Minutes: (3,950)
Posts: 109
6/13/12 10:04 P

Just discovered it a few weeks ago. It's great for adding in different exercises to my circuit training routine.

SparkPoints: (17,425)
Fitness Minutes: (8,220)
Posts: 428
6/10/12 11:14 P

I love BodyRock! Lisa Marie's energy and positivity is so great.

Posts: 1,150
6/10/12 5:32 P

I love the body rock type workouts......I don't love how they only focus on showing boobs and butts these days...but there are many sites like body is good and if you like those types of workouts maybe try those too!

SparkPoints: (8,951)
Fitness Minutes: (22,499)
Posts: 518
6/9/12 7:25 A

I watch bodyrocker videos to get new ideas for training. But I make up my own routines at home with my personal goals in mind keeping my strength workouts below 20 min. I write down every workout, something I learned from Zu.

Yesterday I did a 30sec/10sec workout for my core. 3 sets for a total of 16 minutes

Hanging Leg Raises
Jump Rope
Hanging Knee Circles
Reverse Plank
MTN Climbers

I love my GymBoss I use it almost every day!

SparkPoints: (35,936)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
6/9/12 1:44 A

Awesome Lady and awesome workouts.. I love her stuff when I have holidays.. Suzanna is the ultra holiday workout instructor when it comes to taking your good habits on holiday.. She also gives ideas how to be creative..

She is also efter her own mother to get active! She isn't fake like some instructors and is honest when she thinks stuff is tough.. It is a blast to keep up with her pace..

Edited by: REDSHOES2011 at: 6/9/2012 (01:45)

SparkPoints: (1,198)
Fitness Minutes: (2,172)
Posts: 67
6/8/12 11:29 P

Daily bodyrocker here... I always do old workouts, though.

SparkPoints: (3,344)
Fitness Minutes: (3,250)
Posts: 195
6/8/12 1:22 P

I do occasionally because I mix it up with wuth my workout DVDs. I think they're great and many of them are under 30 minutes and still VERY intense.

Posts: 663
6/2/12 8:13 P

I just started, but its perfect for inside my flat. Do they typically have 30 day challenges most months?

Posts: 5,070
6/1/12 11:49 A

i bodyrock daily.

SparkPoints: (31,248)
Fitness Minutes: (25,185)
Posts: 1,043
6/1/12 7:11 A

On of my sparkfriends wrote out different challenges from the website to do and I'm doing them with her- just accountability to keep us both going!

Posts: 663
6/1/12 5:11 A

Yeah i only did the fit test and my butt is sore!! Did you join the websites challenge or a different one?

SparkPoints: (31,248)
Fitness Minutes: (25,185)
Posts: 1,043
5/31/12 11:21 A

I had done some in the past and just joined a challenge to do them M-F all through June- they are killer!

Posts: 663
5/31/12 6:22 A

Anyone else try these videos?!

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