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4/15/13 1:34 A

Thanks! I will check with BodyMedia!

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4/15/13 12:16 A


If I am not mistaken but I do believe the Bodymedia calculates your basal metabolic rate along with the exercises that you do to give you the inflated figure. You may want to verify that information with the Bodymedia team.

Coach Nancy

GZELLEFRO SparkPoints: (43,436)
Fitness Minutes: (29,593)
Posts: 2,224
4/14/13 11:23 P

My Bodymedia says that I'm burning an awful lot of calories. Today, I rode the riding mower and mowed our lawn and vacuumed. It says that I exercised for 163 min and burned 709 calories during that time. For the day it says that I burned 2033 calories. Can this be right? I was wondering if when I sync with Spark, is it overstating my exercise time and calories. And how do I adjust it if it is? thanks emoticon

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