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6/24/13 11:56 A


I notice that some are water resistant, and not waterproof. So I guess that would mean wearing it during water aerobics is out. emoticon My arms are mostly out of the water, but there are times when it is totally underwater.

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6/24/13 11:53 A

Note there are different styles for the fitbit. One that clips on, and a brand new one that is like a bracelet. I think the bodybug is like an armband.


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6/23/13 9:55 P

Thanks for the replies!!

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6/23/13 8:15 P

The Fitbit and BodyMedia both sync easily with SparkPeople.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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6/23/13 4:26 P

I've been using Fitbit since December last year. It sync's with SP. Specifically, I have the "Fitbit One". It tracks steps, calories burned, floors climbed, activity level, miles gone, and sleep. I am absolutely impressed with it, and it sync's automatically to SP.

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6/23/13 3:52 P

I would like to purchase something, but I do not know what. I don't smartphone, I have a dumbphone, or maybe it is the operator. I have a Palm? But I hardly use my phone, though trying to more and more, so I don't understand or worried about the app part of the equation, I dont think.

I just want something to track activity, track steps, track sleep, track calories burned. I have used cheap pedometers, but I always lose those clipped to my britches.

I thought I saw something that syncs with spark, maybe even at a discounted price, but I am not sure where I saw that at. I dont know if this is important but for what I want to know - which mostly is my calorie deficit, I think it is. I know I could calculate manually, but the more automated the better. And maybe that is where the phone app comes in, to sync it all up together? Sorry, the phone technology really passed me by. I must have still been amused with the invention of fire or something. emoticon

I understand Bodymedia has a monthly subscription. I guess that is okay if it works.

Just wondering everyone's experience and what works the best with Spark.
TIA!! emoticon

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