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No way is this body fat.

A pound of fat represents 3500 calories, so 13 pounds (10% of 133) is 45,000 calories. Or a deficit of 3000 calories a day, which just isn't feasible.

How are you calculating that BF change? Bathroom scales work by passing a tiny electric current through your body and measuring the impedance, and work on the principle that fat is dry and muscle is wet - but they are very sensitive to changes in your hydration levels for reasons that have nothing to do with body fat.


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1/31/13 10:31 P

Coach Nancy, Thank you. That does make it more understandable as to how it works.

REYNINGSUNSHINE, Thanks for that info!!! I will Google search that. Sounds MUCH MORE reliable. Or at least , like you said, I'll be able to see a trend. For me right now just lookin' in the mirror is pretty gross. I had really nice Abs until I quit working out all together. It took me 2.5 years to go from where I am now to where I got. Only took 2 months to go almost all the way back to the beginning! UGH! I know I can do it but it'll take longer this time cuz I'm not going to workout 5-5 hours a day like I did B4. My knees are shot so, cardio is limited. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post!:)

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Those body fat % scales NEVER seem to work for me. I will step on it, have it tell me 26, then I'll step off and step on again (maybe 30s in between each reading) and it'll be 22 or 19 or even 15- and then maybe in the 33, 37, whatever. I would understand changes if, say, it was a day and I was hydrated differently or whatever, but it SO unprecise that I just... I can't trust them anymore.

I estimate my body fat% using the tape-measurement method (google search it). I have two sites that use different values- one uses the waist and the other uses lower body- and I average those two (the lower body one is always lower than the waist one because of my body shape). It is in no means accurate, but the precision is pretty good- meaning it's reliable. It doesn't vary around. I can tell a general trend! That's what I'm looking for.

An even better way to measure body fat is the caliper method. I am kind of scared of calipers, but I might start doing that when I seriously start to get "hard" lol. That might not be until the summer, so that investment will have to wait until then.

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1/31/13 10:08 P

Hi Tipy,

Those bio-impedance scales can have an margin of error not necessarily for weight but for body fat percentages. Special scales that use bioelectrical impedance (weak electrical signals) can estimate your body fat percentage. These scales can have a large margin of error (around 10% or more according to some studies). Plus, digital scales only measure fat levels in the lower body (the signal travels up one leg and down the other), so they don't provide a full picture of the fat level of your entire body.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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1/31/13 9:41 P

Thanks for the reply.

I am using my scale. But, I mean it is accurate with my weight cuz I check B4 I go to the Dr. and they are really close if not the same. Also, it's the same one I used when it said 47% and I do it at the same time everyday. Also, I don't want to delude myself. Really what I'm trying to do is have the scale go down to where it was a year ago!:) I can't fit in my girl clothes I got to celebrate my 23 pound loss I accomplished in 2.5 years. And let me tell ya THAT WAS excruciatingly painful and difficult. I gained all but 8 pounds back in 2 months!

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Hi Tipy,

It's takes more than a couple of weeks to lose body fat and gain lean body mass. What device did you use to measure your body fat?

Coach Nancy

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1/31/13 4:48 P

Is it possible to go from 47% body fat to 37% in 2 weeks without losing an ounce? That seems to be what I have done. Any explanation? And, why not weight lose?


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