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If you're going the meal replacement route, I would definitely double-recommend using one that you can buy at retail, NOT through a distributor or by mail. Right Size in particular has a really bad reputation for mis-using credit card information-- they'll sign you up for repeat shipments and even for unrelated services like "travel clubs" that charge your card every month and are almost impossible to stop.

If you use Slim-Fast or another similar store brand, you can change brands or amounts or stop using it altogether any time you want. If you're signed up with Vi, you're going to spend a huge amount of time and energy fighting off all their other "offers," and your "distributor" will make it into a personal insult and betrayal if you quit or switch or just say no to going to work for her. If you have an emotional eating issue already, you really don't need that kind of added drama in your life.

5/26/13 12:47 P

Meal Replacements have been shown to help with weight loss because they control portion sizes and calorie intake. Basically they are "all" the same. So if you want to go this route find one that fits your budget and taste buds. Examples include the ones you mentioned as well as HMR, medifast, carnation instant breakfast, ensure, boost, slimfast, similar store brands, etc, etc.

And to keep the weight off---be sure to learn "how" to control your environment when you return to a more traditional eating plan.

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They're both about the same, and neither provide advantages over the other. Shakes are just an easy way to count calories; none will make you lose weight faster or easier. They can help you lose weight, but they don't help you keep it off. A 200 calorie shake contains nothing that will suppress your appetite more than a 200 calorie snack will.

The problem with shake diets is that they don't teach you how to deal with real food. How does drinking a shake for breakfast and lunch teach you how to deal with the company meeting buffet? Or Aunt Joan's famous apple pie? Shakes won't help you deal with your emotional eating, nor your overeating. Definitely skip the supplements they sell; none do what they claim.

Skip the high-dollar meal replacement shakes, and focus on real food, in limited portions. Diets don't work! If they did, all those places would put themselves out of business. If you want to go with a shake, the ones in the grocery store will do the same thing, and won't kill your purse in the process.

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5/26/13 12:16 P

I have gained 95lbs over the past 2 years. My activity level has decreased significantly do to working excessively. It is obvious I over eat and am an emotional eater. I have recently started walking and plan to increase my activity gradually. I need some help controlling my appetite, to lose some initial weight to get over this rut I am in.
I looking for opinions of those who have use either VI or Right size or both. My goal is to use there products for nutrition and to decrease caloric intake. I am hoping to lose 50lbs, mainly to improve my overall health. Please only reply about these supplements. I know about eating healthy and general nutrition
Thank you

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