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6/29/14 2:43 P

Think of body wraps as the same as hairspray, or makeup. Temporary, cosmetic changes only. They are incapable of making permanent changes to your body.

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6/29/14 1:56 P

Depending on how stretched out your skin was at any given point, it may never get back to being really tight. The wraps definitely don't work for more that a very short period of time. I suggest drinking a lot of water and watch your diet, and it should help some. But save your money on the wraps :)

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6/26/14 11:32 A

" I've been seeing the body wraps and I've been wondering if those legitimately tighten skin. "

No, they do not.
Save you time and money.

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6/26/14 9:38 A

In spite of what the claims make, the wraps won't help tighten up your skin. If you do have excess skin that is not popping back after having taken off the weight slowly (and your youth), then you may have to consider cosmetic surgery.

You might want to read some of member INDYGIRLs blogs. at her highest weight, she was 460+ pounds. In two years, she's lost half that weight. She made a decision to have some of her excess removed. So, reading her blogs might give you some insight.

I didn't lose as much weight as you, but I do have some sagging skin on my tummy. I strength train regularly. I eat right (most of the time) and watch my portions. I still have sagging skin. Maybe some day I might get a tummy tuck. For now, I don't let it bother because I've decided that what I can do with my body (after weight loss) is more important than how it looks.

Here's the thing, if the excess skin is causing rashes or any other medical issue, you could talk to your doctor to see if the surgery is covered. when excess skin from weight loss causes issues, some insurance policies will cover removal.

But no, there are no over the counter products that help tighten up the skin. What they'll do is help keep the skin moist and hydrated. when it's moist, it's much more flexible than when it's dried out. Do make sure you drink plenty of water. that will help keep the skin healthy. Because your skin is a vital organ, just like your heart, lunges or brain.

6/26/14 9:30 A

No, not in the long run, they might improve the look of skin for a few hours. You have to give your skin time to bounce back after weight loss, and depending on how much you have lost it may never go back to completely tight.

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6/26/14 8:38 A

I have quite a bit of loose skin on my arms, stomach, and inner thighs. I've been losing the weight slowly (95 lbs over two years) and have youth on my side (I'm 25) but it's still there and I'd like it gone. I don't want to go the surgery route. I find it so terrifying!! I've been seeing the body wraps and I've been wondering if those legitimately tighten skin. From the before and after photos, it looks like they do but looks can be deceiving. If they do work, I am so prepared to plunk down my money!!!!

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