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5/30/13 9:36 P

Thanks for your words of encouragement and ACTUALLY...I hope it IS water retention - at least then water retention will eventually go away lol. It's tough and it's hard to get motivated to exercise some days, but I know this is worth it for my overall health. I FEEL better. Ya know, one of those non-scale victories. Even losing just 23lbs, I feel better. All my pants are baggy on me, but I can only work part time cuz of an illness and thus cannot afford a gym. So to answer one sparker's question - I am doing my own measurements, but I DO make sure they're all in the same spots. My tummy is coming along...pokily..but surely...and my thighs are losing much more than I expected...just like the paper towel analogy...I guess I'm starting to show. We'll see. But as far as the muscle goes - I really can see it. And I don't think the strength training IS all in vain because it's supposed to be good for heart health and at my weight..that's obviously important.

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5/30/13 5:00 P

When I gain weight, the first places that I gain is in my abs, thighs, and butt. The last place I gain it, is in my upper body, like my face. When I lose weight, it is most noticeable in my face before it is noticed anywhere else. I think that the weight loss is noticeable in your face because you are losing fat in your cheeks and under your chin. I just wish I could lose inches in my bust (my bust measurement has stayed the same, which is depressing).

In terms of measurements, I don't even think I can get mine without having someone help me. It seems like I haven't lost any inches in ages even though I know that I have lost inches (by the way my clothes fit & comments from people).

Are you doing the measurements yourself? If so, maybe get someone to help you get them. If you go to a gym, see if they can do get your body fat percentage (they get your measurements too).

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5/30/13 4:42 P

You're still pretty early in your weight loss journey. It takes patience and some love and acceptance for your body to start to really see things change.

A long time ago, someone on another web site explained weight loss like a roll of paper towels. At first, when you're losing weight it's like taking off one paper towel from that roll. You look at the roll and think "wow, nothing's changed even though I took off that one towel." The changes start to become more and more obvious with the more weight your lose, just like when you remove more and more paper towels, you start to see the roll shrinking and it becomes more obvious to the eye.

Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments thus far. You'll start to see changes, I promise - it'll just take some time.

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5/30/13 11:35 A

Unfortunately, there is no way to target where you lose weight. If you're doing arm training to reduce your "bat wings" that is unfortunately not going to work. That's because our muscles draw their energy from the bloodstream, not the surrounding fat stores. Where you lose is largely a function of genetics; if you tend to hold fat in your arms, that will likely be the last place it comes off. For me, it's my stomach; my thighs and butt look great, but I still look a little pregnant.

A total body strength program is important for metabolic enhancement and a leaner look, but muscle "tone" comes from reduced body fat. I'm not saying that your strength training is a waste of time, but it won't give you quite the results you're hoping for.

Likewise, your neck will get smaller as you go; remember that you don't have much to lose there (the neck is a small area), so big changes will be very incremental there!

As for why your arms are bigger, the most likely culprit is simply water retention. As we do exercise, our muscles holds on to water so that it can effectively use the glycogen supplies we have. This is normal, and a natural, temporary function of the body. Those who suggest it is muscle gain aren't necessarily wrong, but it's unlikely; it takes a long time and a calorie surplus to build substantial muscle. Most of the time, it's just water retention. :)

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5/30/13 10:33 A

My best guess would be an increase in muscle tissue since you're strength training. I wish we could pick where we lose inches, but we can't. Theoretically, as you keep losing fat, your arms should lose fat too and then the muscles that you've been building will show. emoticon

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5/30/13 10:09 A

Thanks for the replies! I guess that makes sense with there being less fat in my neck - that it'd take longer to come off. Any ideas on why my upper arm measures an inch bigger this time though?

WENDIBUGG Posts: 674
5/30/13 6:58 A

I agree with that there is less fat in your neck so it will take longer for it to be noticeable. I think I noticed with mine after losing around 35 lbs. Congrats on your progress. Awesome job!!!

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5/30/13 2:59 A

Well done on your progress so far!

My thoughts:

- compared to the rest of your body your neck has comparitively little fat; you'll never see the big changes here that you do elsewhere

- if you lose weight sensibly and gradually you won't have major issues with flabby skin

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5/30/13 12:46 A

Also, I should mention - I do cardio 3x per week and then some strength training 3-4x per week because I'm really trying to tone my arms (and get rid of these WINGS! I'm not a bat)! I'm not sure if that was required information or not. On June 6th the community pool will be open so that will be a frequented spot for me to burn calories in my entire body and work all my muscles. I really need tips on how to get this body smaller. Is it possible - without surgery...(and no pregnancies, mind you) at not need surgery after a MAJOR weight loss? It seems the more I gain muscle in my arms, the more the wings are...defined. :(

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5/30/13 12:41 A

Hi...I wasn't really sure what board to post this hopefully I get some answers here. I've been working on my new lifestyle (and have made many, many positive changes). Since April 1st, I'm down 23lbs...and have 9.5" off my body. However, oddly enough, even though I measure my hips, upper arms, waist, neck, calves, and thighs all in the same place every two weeks...since April 1st I STILL haven't lost any inches in my neck. :(

Four different people have told me "you can really notice it in your face". HOWEVER...shouldn't my neck be getting smaller too? Also, during measurement day today - I will say, although I've got quite a bit more muscle in my arms - shouldn't my wings/flab be going away in my upper arms? I've GAINED an inch on my upper arms. :( Is this normal? I either maintain or lose everywhere else I measure and I ALWAYS make sure my measurer is in no may constricting what I measure so as to not give a false reading.

Thanks for any and all help!

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