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1/5/13 9:09 P

Many people like the taste and consistency of Shakeology shakes, but there's nothing in them that justifies their steep price. You get the same benefits from the grocery store stuff! The problem w ith shakes and meal replacements is that they don't teach you how to manage real food; they're not a lifestyle change, they're a short-term fix. Can you lose weight? Of course! Cut calories enough, and you will lose weight. But are you going to drink shakes for the rest of your life?

There's nothing wrong with Shakeology, other than the price, and the company itself often has pushy reps that know nothing at all about healthy weight loss, any more than a Mary Kay rep knows how to care for acne.

Tread carefully, and realize that it's not a magic bullet. It's just a pricey shortcut that may not solve anything long term. Losing weight means nothing if you don't treat the underlying cause of your weight gain. Stop taking the shakes, and what happens then? Many people lose weight fast with such things... and gain it right back, because they never changed their lives.

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1/5/13 6:31 P

Great! Thanks, I had to modify P90x when I did it last year, my army cousin said dont' do it you will hate it, and at 61 it was hard and I did modify it and it was a real challenge, so I thought the older I get I thought I would try something different and I sold the P90X to a friend, much much younger and she could do it without having to modify it, but I do like beachbody products but never had tried the shakeology yet, thanks for sharing!

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1/5/13 1:49 P

My best friend is a rep for Beach Body. When she visits next, we are going to do some Body Gospel together. One for her to be my trainer and second for us to have some healthy quality time together. Blessings!

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1/5/13 1:46 P

I haven't tried Body Gospel but would interested to know about it too. I have tried the sample shakeology though and it is great!! - meaning it tastes great. I was using it after my workouts and it definitely quickened recovery time and honestly, the ingredients make it worthwhile. I am waiting on my order for shakeology in the next week. I am doing Rev Abs (Beachbody) right now and its awesome!! All the best with your beachbody program. emoticon

DAKOTA4411 Posts: 1,009
1/5/13 9:34 A

Anybody got the body gospel dvd from beachbody? How do you like if it you do? And does anyone do their shakeology?

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