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7/20/14 1:01 A


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7/19/14 10:56 P

My goal is to get my body fat normal

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7/17/14 7:25 P

One other comment: How many times have you used the scale, and are you consistently getting the same readings? Those scales work by measuring water. (Muscle is wet, fat is dry, so a low amount of water suggests that you have more fat.) If you are overhydrated, or bloated because of the time of month, your weight will be high and your body fat percentage will show as lower than you really probably have. It's important to compare readings at the same stage of your hormonal cycle, and the same time of day, etc. It's a flaw in the scales, but you can turn it into a useful tool to help you understand why your weight fluctuates. If weight is up but body fat reading is down, you're bloated. If weight is down but bf % is up, you're dehydrated. If both are down, you've probably really lost some fat.

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
7/17/14 7:18 P

Also, next time you see your doctor, discuss whether you have even the slightest risk of osteoporosis or are at an appropriate age for a baseline test, and whether your insurance will cover a DXA bone scan if the doc orders it. It's a full-body dual X-ray test that primary tests bone density but also gives you a pretty accurate body fat and lean tissue measurement. It's more accurate than calipers, and depending on your insurance, your out-of-pocket cost could actually work out to be less.

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7/17/14 10:16 A

Weight is not always the best indicator of health, especially for people who carry a lot of muscle. That's why BMI can be flawed b/c it would say someone with a lot of muscle is obese. Body fat is a much better indicator of health vs. a number on the scale.

The only drawback with body fat scales is that they aren't always the most accurate. They can be good for detecting trends, but the way they work is to send current up one leg and down the other. So they are really only measuring the fat in your lower body, not the entire body. I would encourage you to have your body fat tested using skinfold calipers (most gyms offer this test for a small fee) to see how that number compares to what you're scale is telling you. If they both say you're in the healthy range, then don't worry about the number on the scale.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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7/17/14 10:04 A

I have an Aries scale from fitbit

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,566
7/17/14 8:53 A

What method did you use to determine your body fat percentage?

Coach Jen

KITTY20 Posts: 8,214
7/17/14 8:41 A

Would like some input on this as I figure it is due to more muscle since I train a lot and have started to ramp back up my walks and core workouts. Look forward to hearing what everyone things.

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