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JM1968. I go to a nutritionist who has a Body Fat scale, which measures my % Body Fat, while I'm weighed. I know some gyms and Drs. offices have them as well. But if you don't have access to a free one you can buy one online. (I've thought about getting one for myself.)

Once you have that percentage you can calculate your lean muscle. Below is the equation I found, but there's a bunch of different calculators and processes online, to get an idea of how many pounds of muscle you have.

Lean Body Mass = Body Weight (Body Weight x Body Fat %)

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7/27/13 6:20 A

How do you figure out body fat %'s?

7/26/13 12:42 P

I realized earlier today, when I checked my old spark account, that in 2011 I had 106 lbs of lean mass, whereas today I have about 112.
I was 146 lbs with 27.4% body fat. Today, I would only need to get down to 155.5 lbs, to get the same body fat percentage. Pretty exciting news for me! If I got to 150, I'd be more or less at my goal body fat percentage!

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