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1/3/12 9:53 P

The best approach to sore muscles is an "active recovery", as increased blood flow to the muscles helps the recovery process.

Keep working out, but definitely cut back on the intensity for a week or two until your body adapts to the new demands you are making of it.


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1/3/12 2:31 P

This might sound odd, but if I try a new workout and I am sore the next day, it makes me laugh! I know that I am surprising my muscles and I know that I worked hard!! I almost always get sore a day or two after a new workout or if I haven't done a particular workout in a while. But as you get stronger, your body will adjust to it and you will be less sore!

Keep at it.. make sure you get your rest. Make sure you are STRETCHING!! Drink lots of water. Get a heating pad. And smile!! :)

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1/3/12 1:01 P

I typically get sore 2 days after a new workout, and I'll feel it for a week or so. Sometimes less. Depends on how hard I worked and what the new workout was.

When you get used to one particular workout it likely won't continue to make you sore unless you increase intensity (i.e. heavier weights, etc). The idea is not to necessarily make yourself sore all the time (no fun I'm sure), but you do want to continue to challenge your body, or you won't find your results to be quite what they were when you started. Your body likes to put forth the least amount of effort needed, so as it becomes accustomed to certain workouts, it will be more efficient at them, and you'll burn fewer calories. But mixing things up on a regular basis will help prevent that.

Good luck, and enjoy that burn! Typically I do feel really good even if I'm a little sore after new workouts. :)

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1/3/12 12:38 P

So will my body get used to all the stretching and work outs im doing or will I be sore every day? I do about 60-90 minutes of cardio (walking the dog) every day anyway as he needs to be walked or he bounces off my walls. But I do cardio work outs every other day and strength every other day. I just you tube them and pull some off this site.

I just dont really like feeling this sore and if its going to be every day its gunna bum me out. I just wasnt sure if my muscles are doing this because one im 50lbs over weight and two I just started and am very unfit and that my body would adjust

1/3/12 12:30 P

When I overdo like that I usually do a 5-10 minute walk to warm up and perform a full body stretch routine.

1/3/12 10:53 A

Even though I also get sore after a workout I like to continue to do it. It helps to stretch out my mucles to exercise the next day but I mix it up. Such as if I work on my upper body on Monday than Tuesday I concentrate on my lower body but I will maybe do a few bicep curls just to stretch out the muscles. It really helps. I almost look forward to that soreness so I can stretch, its almost like a massage!

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1/3/12 9:53 A

I'd agree that you want a day of rest in between strength workouts for the same muscles. You are typically the most sore 2 days after exercise, so you might find tomorrow is worse. I'd recommend some light walking followed by stretching today to keep you from getting too stiff. Also consider that maybe you did a little too much last night, so you might need to scale back a little and slowly increase the intensity as you become more fit.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/3/12 9:35 A

If you're strength training, you should be alternating body areas, ie. upper body one day, lower body the next. If it's cardio or pilates or something, continue your routine. It's not going to get better if you stop.

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1/3/12 8:29 A

Do I continue to do my nightly routine or take a couple days break? I did some exercises and used muscles I didnt even know I had last night. Now, every single muscle kills in my body.

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