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7/25/13 12:04 P

ohhh durian, i've never been brave enough... i hear they taste better than they smell, whew they would have to, because they smell *terrible* lol.

blueberries on the other hand, are my favorite fruit! mmm!

7/25/13 9:59 A

Blueberries are a favorite -- just picked a flat up the other day and made blueberry muffins and froze the rest. I've never had durian. I don't think we ever get it here in Arizona. I have watched cooking shows that use it and they say that the smell is really strong and the fruit is sweet, plus it looks a little scary. I would give it a try, though.

It's peach and apple season where I'm at. There's nothing like treats made with in-season fruits!

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7/25/13 8:11 A

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I can't say I've ever tried durian but it looks interesting. I imagine it's available in a local Asian market here in Minnesota.

That blueberry egg tart sounds delicious!

EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,261
7/25/13 3:36 A

Just bought 2 of each today!

The Durian bombs are delicious! But you have to love durian, of course!

The Blueberry eggtarts are delish too! Tastes like crispy blueberry custard!
I ate them cold from the fridge! Even better!

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