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2/9/12 2:50 P

Thanks for the info on pints and blueberries, Anarie.

I was weighing all my food before (well, almost all - not going to bother with lettuce) and wanted to be a little more relaxed this time around. I'll hold off on weighing food as long as my weight goes down every week.

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2/9/12 11:43 A

There's some technicality about "dry pints." The USDA measures things in more precise units than the rest of us, and if I remember right, a "dry pint" somehow combines weight and volume, or else it's a certain fraction of a bushel. Anyhow, it's not exactly the same as a liquid pint. And on top of that, blueberries have gotten bigger. Twenty years ago, the blueberries you bought in the store (when you could find fresh blueberries) were tiny, like wild blueberries, but people buy more when they're bigger, so commercial growers have switched varieties. When you have bigger pieces, fewer of them fit in the same space and there's more empty air trapped in between them. A cup of today's commercial blueberries would have a lot less, by weight, than a cup of little wild ones.

So what it boils down to is that the previous poster gives good advice-- if you want a more accurate calorie count, weigh stuff.

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2/9/12 11:28 A

I track everything by grams, the odd measurements like that never add up right.

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2/9/12 9:59 A

Could be. I don't know what else could be the reason. The blueberries pints I buy, though, are always at 2 cups. I think I'll go with the lower calorie number. Don't want to start avoiding blueberries because of extra calories logged (silly, but something I'd do).

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2/9/12 8:45 A

I'm guessing that the pints are sold with more than 2 cups included, even though they are sold as pints. Companies can get in trouble for under-filling containers but not for over-filling them, so they often over-fill just to be safe.

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2/9/12 8:30 A

When logging blueberries on the tracker, I noticed that "pint as purchased, yields" is one of the options. When I eat a pint of blueberries, I've always logged it as 2 cups and the SP tracker's calorie count matches the nutritional facts on the blueberry container. But if I log it as "pint as purchased, yields" then about 65 extra calories are tacked on. Why is "pint as purchased" listed as more calories than when you log blueberries as 2 cups?

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