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10/23/12 4:05 P

It's very realistic. Making certain that there are healthier snacks available will probably be one of the biggest positive changes you can make. Cutting out soda and other sugary drinks (like energy drinks!) will also be beneficial. I was drinking almost a whole 2 liter bottle of Pepsi a day....then I just quit and only have it when we go out to eat. I lost 13 lbs in 6 weeks!

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10/23/12 3:07 P

Clear your house of baked goods and other things you can not resist. If you can't do that put these foods in places that you can not see them. Because once you start eating something you should not eat or you eat too much it is easy to just throw in the towel That reminds me of something I got from one of the leaders in a Weight Watchers class. The instructor handed out little pieces of cloth that represented towels. I have kept that little towel in my purse for about 10 years now, and I have never given up on myself since. emoticon

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10/23/12 2:18 P

Oh my, thank you for the kind words, everyone! I am sitting here, trying to talk some sense into myself. I think my biggest issue is how I percieve my body, not my weight in itself (as I am not of an unhealthy weight). Today I've eaten way over my "calorie limit", but no sugars; I am trying to quit cold turkey on refined sugars. I hope this will help me get a better grip on when I am actually hungry, and when I am just craving.
Also, I am thinking of going through a fast - what do you guys think of this? I know all of this slowed down metabolism-stuff, but if you've seen documentaries like this: it really makes you think twice about such radical diets.

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10/21/12 6:17 P

It's realistic, but maybe it will be easier to take it in smaller chunks.. it sounds like your life is pretty busy and stressful.

So.. make a resolution for "today" .. I will eat mindfully and track my food today.

Then do it again tomorrow. Or aim to change a habit.. I'll have ice water or unsweetened tea instead of a soda; I'll have an extra helping of veggies rather than an extra roll at dinner...

The little things add up and don't leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Believe me, I've been where you are... but SparkPeople has helped me lose over 70 pounds this year and I'm still going strong... bit by bit it works.. the whole thing is just too much to tackle sometimes.

You're not alone.. good luck in what you do.. you CAN do it!

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10/21/12 5:50 P

You can certainly lose 11-13 by the end of the year with good choices, tracking your fitness AND your intake and setting your goals appropriately in the trackers. It will not let you set it for more than 2lbs a week but that still lets you aim for up to 20lbs by new years eve based on Sundays being the start of a new week! It will take a little determination and some organization but you can do this if you want it! Even set up a reward for a fancy outfit and a night out on New years eve if you make your goal!

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10/21/12 5:44 P

Sure it is!

Are you tracking your food?
That is the best way to see what your are eating and to make sure you aren't eating too much.

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10/21/12 4:21 P

Hello dear sparkpeople!

Today I need some of your love and encouragement... The last two years, I've started over and blown it every other month, and after a major binge this weekend, I feel that I amso tired from this. I have not come any closer to my goal, just jumped back and forth. How do you people keep it up? What do you tell yourself? The weekenes are a major problem to me, as I do night shifts and is generally out of my routine. I'd love some good advice, or some encouraging words... My goal is to lose 11-13 lbs by the end of 2012. Is this realistic?

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