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3/16/13 8:12 A

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I am so proud of you so keep making wise food choices and stay active because it is really making a measurable difference in your health

AZURELITE Posts: 1,406
3/16/13 7:52 A

Wonderful non-scale victory!!!

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3/15/13 9:47 P

RENATARUNS, not only will your blood sugar go gahgah, but every other important number will astound you! If you "Go Sparkpeople" all the way, you will see all your numbers move to healthy territories! FYI, my cholesterol went from 238 to 150! This website will put you on a course to total success.

My advice: Make the Nutrition Tracker your BFF. Do not exceed the Nutrition Tracker bottom line numbers for calories, carbs, fats, and protein. Combine that with consistent exercise and the result will be this: head-turning, jaw-dropping success. Guaranteed.

Spark On!

Eliminate "I will try". Replace with "I will".
You are now ready to succeed.
Let's go.
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3/15/13 8:55 P


Goriana, So Cal, USA
3/14/13 9:32 P

Great job!

Sparking for health and pain control
Every step is a step in the right direction!
Happy fitbit one user!

I'm Darlene, btw. Mama to 4 grownups, Grandee to 4 amazing young men, caregiver to the elderly and disabled (they PAY me to visit with people!!!), writer (working on a time travel/wizard story right now, but also play online with a group co-writing stories in roundrobbin style---contact me if you want to join us. Free and fun!)
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3/14/13 8:05 P

Best thing about today's blood test results: fasting blood glucose 84. In late December it was 108.

I am very, very happy about that.

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CW: 141.0 Woohoo!

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