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11/17/13 1:33 A

being off 5 or 10 numbers on your reading shouldn't make a significant difference with the amount of insulin u inject. Now being 100 above or below your actual reading would make a difference.....

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10/18/13 12:16 P

Thank you so much

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10/18/13 9:17 A

Home blood glucometers are not all that accurate. They just give you an idea of what your blood glucose level is, but you cannot count on them to give you the actual number (just be within a certain range of what your blood glucose actually is). Current standards state that, if your blood glucose is above 75 mg/dl, that 95 percent of readings must be within plus or minus 20% of your actual blood glucose. This means that, if your blood glucose is 100 mg/dl, the reading from your meter must be between 80-120 mg/dl 95% of the time. So far as your second reading always being higher, I doubt that your blood glucose is rising that rapidly. It may just be a glitch with your meter or there may be something with your technique that makes it read higher the second time. Here's a link that discusses meters (including accuracy) more:

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10/16/13 11:14 A

No, what I am saying is that, say at 7 am I check my glucose reading and it is 120. then at 7:02 am I take it again and it is 139. It makes me not believe my glucometer, or think that I have to check it twice every morning...strips can be costly. What do I believe?????

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10/16/13 10:37 A

Have you eaten before taking the readings? Maybe you did not have a small carb and a protein before bedtime to balance your blood sugar.... your blood sugar may drop too low in the middle of the night and then your body releases hormones to raise the sugar levels

Even without breakfast.....your body starts churning out stored glucose (sugar) to prepare for the upcoming day, SO MAYBE THE RISE IS FROM THAT.

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10/16/13 7:03 A

Does anyone know why, when I take a second reading of my blood sugar in the morning, directly after the first is always higher?

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