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If you go online, a lot of places will send you a coupon for a free monitor from your pharmacy. But also the doctor can prescribe for him to get his diabetes supplies and most insurances will help with it. I don't get my strips paid for, but you can buy them on amazon as well.
Before you get your monitor, remember to look at the prices at the stores to see how much the strips will cost. Each new monitor will come with a few strips for trying it out, but its not always worth it if you cant afford the strips.

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11/5/12 10:19 A

I've read of people finding success using LifeScan OneTouch UltraMini from Walgreens.

"To get low-carb right, you need to check blood sugars"

From the article:

"...Doing this myself, I have been shocked at the times I’ve had an unexpectedly high blood sugar from seemingly “safe’ foods, or when a store- or restaurant-bought meal had some concealed source of sugar or carbohydrate. (I recently had a restaurant meal of a turkey burger with cheese, mixed salad with balsamic vinegar dressing, along with a few bites of my wife’s veggie omelet. Blood sugar one hour later: 127 mg/dl. I believe sugar added to the salad dressing was the culprit.)

You can now purchase your own blood glucose monitor at stores like Walmart and Walgreens for $10-20. You will also need to purchase the fingerstick lancets and test strips; the test strips are the most costly part of the picture, usually running $0.50 to $1.00 per test strip. But since people without diabetes check their blood sugar only occasionally, the cost of the test strips is, over time, modest. I’ve had several devices over the years, but my current favorite for ease-of-use is the LifeScan OneTouch UltraMini that cost me $18.99 at Walgreens...."

11/5/12 9:39 A

My husband had a lot of problems with one of his meters and got a new one from his doctor - it's the same here in Portugal, the meter you get for free but you then have to buy the test strips (and you have to get a prescription from the doctor for them). The new meter didn't come with any kind of starting control strip and he had to get the chemist/pharmacist to order a bottle of liquid to 'calibrate' or whatever it is they do with it. His previous one had a control strip with each bottle of test strips, which seems like a better idea. Sorry, I can't give you specific makes, but I found a link to an American site with some info (you might have to copy and paste):

I know it sounds strange but often something as basic as not washing and drying his hands before doing the test can affect the readings. Might be something to do with the oils on the skin that does it. What does your boyfriend do? There might be residue of some kind on his fingers which is causing a problem. My husband used to be a motorcycle mechanic so you can imagine what ended up on his hands, which is how we discovered the importance of washing hands before testing. The other thing about the meters is they need a nice plump drop of blood to work on. Sometimes my husband will prick himself and there is just not enough blood coming out, even when he squeezes the heck out of his finger. He then has to do it again, maybe on another finger.

11/4/12 6:39 P

Have your friend check with his doctor or diabetes educator regarding the type monitor to use. Many will provide the monitor free (which is the inexpensive part); the costly item are the test strips. So talk to the health professional about the cost of the strips as well. So there are no hidden surprises.

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11/4/12 5:15 P

My bf is a newly diagnosed diabetic and he's having trouble with the cheap blood glucose meter he bought to monitor his blood sugar. It often doesn't read the first time and he has to prick himself multiple times. Does anyone have an opinion about a better blood glucose meter to use or where to find out comparative information about these products?

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