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4/25/14 11:04 A

If your hypertnesion is well maintained with your current treatment regimen then most likely the spike at the blood bank was what is referred to by medical professionals as "white coat syndrome" an artificial blood pressure reading caused by the medical environment.

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4/25/14 7:57 A

Maybe you were just nervous or excited due to the thought of donating blood. My blood pressure always spikes a bit when I go to the doctor because I hate getting poked and prodded.

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4/24/14 10:24 P

Do you check your blood pressure regularly at home? I check mine -- twice per day on most days -- first thing when I get up and just before dinner. I have been checking mine since I first developed hypertension about 10 years ago. By checking it regularly, I know what my usual results are and what my usual patterns are. One reading might just be a fluke. But if you are checking it regularly, you'll know the big picture.

It is easy to do and inexpensive. If you are not sure, talk to your doctor about it

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4/24/14 8:03 P

Today I tried to give blood. I had just finished my lunch walk. I sat for 15 minutes waiting my turn, another 15 while I answered questions. I made it through all the screenings except my blood pressure was too high. It was 130/102 or 103 (depending on which tech took it). I do take blood pressure medication and my blood pressure is very well controlled (I thought). All doctor visits have been good, in fact because of my weight loss and good readings, he was telling my I may be off my medication by Fall. Now I am worried. Is this a normal occurrence after walking (it is new to me, only been walking for exercise for 6 weeks) or should I go see my doctor again (just saw him last week and that's when he told me I may be off my meds soon).

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