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4/8/14 8:04 P

I have a few times, when I felt I wanted to remember what I've been doing or feeling. I never really thought anyone would read them, but some SP friends have been commenting on my blogs, which of course brightens my day.
In the end, it's just my ramblings, but it helps me, and I can hope it helps encourage or motivate any readers who come along.

Now you put pressure on yourself, we'll all be looking for your blogs!

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4/7/14 8:31 P

I do blog fairly regularly. I love the support that I get from my SP friends and I know that they will understand- sometimes even when my friends and family IRL don't. We're on this journey together and, much like a road trip, I find it more fun with some good company.

With that being said, I'm not sure that everything that I put up there is captivating reading. In fact, I am quite sure that it isn't. What it is, though, is another method of accountability for me. I have started each month with a blog post listing my plan for the coming month and reviewing how the previous month went. It helps me. Maybe someone else will be able to relate and it will help them too.

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4/7/14 3:03 P

It's one of my goals, to start to blog. I used to about once a week, way back when. Hopefully I will soon carve out a slice of time for this activity.

One day at a time.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal.
It is the courage to continue that matters!'
MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,359
4/7/14 2:55 P

I used to blog on my Spark Page, but I have set up my own blog with BlogSpot. So I go there to blog instead. I am hoping that some day with a little perseverance. It will be a paying blog

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4/7/14 9:31 A

I keep trying................

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4/7/14 9:14 A

I try to blog once a week. I love the feedback and most of the time writing everything out that I am feeling just makes me feel better. My own little therapy :) Plus I love hearing from people and getting different ideas or support on stuff that's bothering me.

I broke my ankle 3.5 weeks ago and the support from my spark friends has been amazing. I can't imagine going through this and not have them to talk to and support me! My family and friends get it, but my spark friends GET IT - not being able to shop or cook for myself, work out, run, weigh myself, etc.

So yes, I love blogging on SP :)

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4/7/14 1:26 A

I haven't in the last few days.

ALLYALLYT Posts: 9,115
4/7/14 1:17 A

not often

4/6/14 11:18 P

I do. I do it as I'm thinking though so it's interesting when I see where I end up.

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4/6/14 10:33 P

I do blog, but I haven't done it in a while. I need to get back to it.

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4/6/14 10:09 P


TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/6/14 9:49 P

Yes I do and helps with the emotional eating.

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4/6/14 8:06 P

I would like to log more often but I never have the time these days., I was logging once a month but that fell by the wayside!

4/6/14 5:51 P

Yes I blog about my troubles and woes and not much about weight loss. It is therapeutic. I have no pride so it doesn't matter who reads it. I have gotten some good advice.

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4/6/14 2:53 P

Now and then. It's not something I keep up with.

"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do."
- Helen Keller
ACHILLESONE Posts: 11,049
4/6/14 2:52 P


My name? It isn't deep or anything...

I just thought it sounded cool...
PUDLECRAZY Posts: 4,395
4/6/14 2:43 P

Yes, but I've been away from SP for a year. Nothing is updated.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
4/6/14 12:10 P


Moving in new directions.
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4/6/14 9:02 A


BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 5,902
4/6/14 8:58 A

I used to but have backed off. No reason but just lazy I suppose. Need to get back into blogs..


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4/7/13 9:46 A

most of the time I blog on my page

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4/7/13 9:43 A


GRACED777 SparkPoints: (66,853)
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4/7/13 8:59 A

Sometimes--it helps me see where I've been and where I'm going or want to go. But I can only spend so much time on weight and health--I need to think about other parts of life as well--but when I started, I spent lots of time on it.

My weight is day by day becoming more dependent upon Whose I am than on my circumstances and feelings.

Life here is a one-time deal. I want to live it well.
LINEBACKER1968 Posts: 393
4/7/13 8:51 A

Sometimes. I do most of my blogging to myself, I can be more honest with it that way.

Moving Foward!!!
REGABA Posts: 355
4/7/13 8:35 A

I go in fits and spurts. right now I'm trying to focus more on my personal journal and my other more public blog so the one that deals with getting healthy has suffered. I may get back to it after I re-establish some of my other needed habits like getting on SP every day and recording my eating.

FLORIDASUN SparkPoints: (53,063)
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4/7/13 8:17 A

I blog my little heart out...the good, the bad, the ugly and sometimes even the helpful! emoticon My motto is..."the truth shall set you free" I think most people are WAY too concerned about their stature, their position, their public role in life.

Being a just write through your challenges with the hope that your hard earned lessons might be of benefit to someone else who is facing similar circumstances.

Also...having lived for a good long time and knocked off my public perch a few times I've decided it's just BEST to be who I am, where I am, and always as I am.

It's pretty liberating and I truly think if more people would just allow themselves to be authentic...our world would be a much better place. emoticon emoticon

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TENNISJIM Posts: 11,590
4/7/13 8:05 A

I use my Blog page as my public diary

MLAN613 SparkPoints: (194,562)
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4/7/13 7:48 A

I did some last summer but am too lazy to make my page private. Sometimes, people commented with things I found annoying on the blogs and I don't blog for comments. I blog to get things out. So, I haven't done anything in awhile.

REDPANDA10 Posts: 347
4/6/13 2:33 P

Not yet but I will one of these days.

MUSHCAT Posts: 4,639
4/6/13 2:06 P

I find that my weight loss is more successful when I blog about it. I blog about most things in my life, and unfortunately I am not making any progress in the weight loss area right now.

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Wishing you love, peace, joy, and blessings, Judi

SHANSDOINIT79 SparkPoints: (7,003)
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4/6/13 11:33 A

I want to sometimes. But I'm a very private person so its difficult to put myself out there like that.

JAVAJENN SparkPoints: (8,282)
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4/6/13 8:39 A


I think life is not so much about waiting for the storms to be over, as much as it is, learning how to dance in the rain.
KKKAREN SparkPoints: (230,136)
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4/6/13 8:01 A

I blog in spells. Sometimes I do it everyday for a few weeks. I have been on a not blogging spell for several months now and I too think about doing it again.

4/5/13 6:15 P

I blog mostly because it's on my sparkpoints checklist. Lol. I don't have much to say, I just record my pitfalls and accomplishments, and dreams and goals, too.

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4/5/13 5:20 P

That bloody cancer!! My wife has stage IV Follicular Lymphoma which is not curable. Fortunately, it is very slow growing but it is beginning to show more activity. I am a prostate cancer survivor for which I thank God every day.

I will hold you in my prayers and trust that in time, a cure might be found. God speed, my friend.


"It is easier to raise good children than to fix bad men" by Fredrick Douglas.

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4/5/13 2:17 P

When I first started out with Spark, most of my blogs were related to how I was doing with my weight loss and fitness. But after I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, I started writing about that. I am not looking for sympathy, but I am sharing my journey with cancer to hopefully help others who might be going through the same thing, or perhaps they have loved one with cancer and want to understand it better.

I've also been helped by doing this; I have made Spark friends who have gone through a similar experience and it really helps to know others really get my feelings about living with cancer, especially when I write about my bad days. My cancer is not curable, but it can be can kept stable, for hopefully years. I am trying to live as healthy as I can so that the years I have left are the best quality possible.

My name is Shari; I have been a Sparker since July 2006, I am now in palliative care for metastatic breast cancer, but I'm not letting cancer stop me from Sparking!

Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

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SHERYLDS Posts: 13,141
4/5/13 1:42 P

I do love's a creative outlet for me.

I have fun with it and enjoy reading peoples reactions...even the cheerleaders @KJ

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FIRECOM SparkPoints: (107,673)
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4/5/13 1:37 P

I have wanted to blog for a long time. I took the plunge a few months ago and I am absolutely convinced that it helps me immensely and hopefully, others as well.

I don't blog just to blog. I need something that pushes my buttons, so to speak, and then I write from the heart. Just saying.

"It is easier to raise good children than to fix bad men" by Fredrick Douglas.

Co team leader for Living With Diabetes team.

Co Leader for Healthy Hearts team.

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4/5/13 1:05 P

Just the other day, I deleted the one blog I had written on my SparkPage. I don't think anyone ever read it. The thought of being able to go back and read about when you started is cool, however I already spend enough time on SP. Better for me to be doing something physically active in it's place.

Keep a sense of humor. Remember, laughing burns calories too!

Laugh until it hurts! It's one of the few things in life that's still free!!

Any effort is better than no effort!
BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,386
4/5/13 12:45 P

I would like to blog more. But I tend to write out my thoughts in forum posts. Then sometimes I think... that would have been a good idea for a blog! But it seems redundant if I've already posted it in the forums. Then again, blogs serve a different purpose - forums shift and change and the things you say fade away, lost in the thousands of other posts and pages. A blog can be "your history." So, I see the benefit of doing it. I just... haven't fully embraced the process of blogging quite yet.

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JGIRL5799 Posts: 555
4/5/13 12:32 P

I loveeee blogging.. When others comments it gives me more motivation to keep going and its good to hear feedbackn and even to hear others stories and to say, hey I been there too, I made it through so can you, its great having the community respond to positive things and help press through the stumbling blocks we may get into..

I use it for my own use and journal..blogging lets me know my pitfalls, how I felt or what I was doing at certain times to keep me in certain situations which may be hindering me..

Its my life and my weight loss journey and health and I love to look back at my blogs once in a while just to see how far I have come and my goals to where I am going.

Its good to follow other sparkies as well and love to see how others blog, I love to see how they are doing and to see what things they have learned or are doing.. I just skip over the whining ones LOL

I tend to use the community Journal more for my stepping blocks or issues i would like help with or just to say hey, I been there done that.. this is how I overcame it.

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Live, Love, Laugh
I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
4/5/13 10:10 A

I used to but no more, in fact I forget to go to my page for anything at times. I am late on returning mail due to this. I think when we used to get sparkmail it was more noticeable to see when we had new ones then it is now. I only do sparkcafe and read some articles these days.

MEXGAL1 SparkPoints: (313,760)
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4/5/13 9:46 A

I blog everyday and I am fortunate as I have many folks that comment. I love getting their feedback and support. It's a big part of my success. It takes a while for folks to find you and register to get notice of your blogs.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
4/5/13 9:45 A

I blog a couple times a month. I only blog when I feel I have something to talk about.

MamiSheli53 is my MOM!!!

Abi~Rochester, NY

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PAMLICO-DAZE SparkPoints: (46,810)
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4/5/13 9:43 A

Would like to do it more.

Remember to take time to enjoy the journey!
FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,079
4/5/13 9:37 A

I blog, but my page is public. So, even if someone comments, and it's not a comment I want to see, it is still is their right.

Life is not waiting for the storms to's learning to dance in the rain.

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." - Scott Hamilton

Growing Up In the 70's
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4/5/13 9:32 A

I should blog on my home page more often even if no one reads it I need to do it for me. I think some folks (me, too) use the forums for blogging.........personal blogging that is.

I think I'll start blogging more on my page.

How about you? What do you do?

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