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3/20/11 10:19 A

If there is so much friction in your shoes, I would be at a running shop and asking for help to the correct size shoe..
Friction happens with either poor fitting socks or too much space in the shoe box..
It should never be necessary to add moleskin or anything to the correct shoes..
If you get runners toes, hard skin- shoe model is the sinner.. Keep choicing the wrong shoes stuff like bunions and hammer toes turn up..
These are long term injuries taking pairs of shoes of the shelf without knowing what to look for..

I am a "retired runner" I now know all the what nots to do anymore..

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3/20/11 9:42 A

You can get something called Moleskin and put it in your shoes to help with the friction. It's sold at Wal-mart, Target, and sporting goods stores and it's not expensive.

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3/19/11 9:03 P

Hi Tea,

I would just give it time and allow the fluid to reabsorb. Using a band-aid blister block may help, but I would not recommend lancing as the previous poster mentioned, could lead to infection.

Take care!

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3/19/11 8:26 P

I was always told to NEVER break a blister. That way you minimize the chances of infection. They will break on their own.

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3/19/11 8:20 P

I overdid it today and walked 5.5 miles wearing the wrong socks, not i have a huge blister on the ball of each foot. It's painful, and i have to use the outsides of my feet to walk. Should i lance the blisters and let them drain, then bandage them, or should i leave them and let them go away on their own?

Oh and, besides doing upper body weights while sitting what can i do for exercise tomorrow that won't bother my feet?
Thanks for the help!

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