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8/28/13 8:07 A

M@L - Thanks for the lacing guide! I use weird lacing patterns to make my hiking/work boots fit comfortably around the weird shape of my foot so this is awesome to see how other people do it.

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8/28/13 5:39 A

Different lacing techniques can also help reduce shoe movement and blisters if your shoes are loose in some places and tight in others.>

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8/27/13 2:42 P

MOTIVATED@LAST: Definitely one should work hard to avoid getting blisters. A couple of years ago, using my usual method of buying two new pairs of cross trainers and alternating them when walking, I walked too far with a new pair and got a really nasty bleeding blister. But, not learning my lesson, the next day I decided to put on two pairs of socks and break-in the other new pair. Again, I walked too far, the blister bled profusely, and I fought it for a few weeks. All of my shoes were blood-stained in the heel, although I used bandages, band-aids, liquid anticeptic, etc.

Now, I am very careful to use petroleum jelly and two pairs of socks when I initially break in my new shoes. And I have had zero blisters with my last 6 pairs of shoes.

KOKOMAD: I shall give a look-see for those brands. I surely go through a lot of pairs of socks, since I eventually wear holes in the heels, no matter how snug they fit.

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8/27/13 11:04 A

I love Wright Socks for all my fitness activities. They are two layers of synthetic blend that are made for sports shoes. They come with with toes like gloves for your feet or traditional style. Anther good brand is SmartWool.

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8/26/13 8:22 P

The best treatment for blisters is to avoid them in the first place. Avoid cotton socks - go for wool or 'sports' synthetics socks. Tape your feet as soon as you notice a 'hot spot' rather than waiting for blisters to form.

Once you get them, the best treatment is to let them go down on their own - wear a different pair of shoes to take the pressure off that spot.

However, if you do need to continue to walk or run on them, then popping them is the best option. But there is a risk of infection if you pop them - the advice elsewhere on the thread about sterilizing the needle with a flame and using an alcohol wipe is very solid. Then tape over the area with medical tape, so that the rubbing will occur against the tape, not your skin. Band-aids do not stay stuck in the hot and sweaty environment of a running shoe (they can ball up and make the problem worse) - medical tape is better.

(ex-Army and regular hiker and backpacker)

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8/26/13 2:06 P

Here's some information you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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8/26/13 12:01 P

If you pop it, and I pop mine if they are water blisters, sterilize the area such as putting rubbing alcohol on it, use a sterilized needle, and then put something like a liquid-bandage antiseptic on it. If you use a band-aid on it, change it soon, and continue to sterilize the area.

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8/26/13 11:54 A

I always pop mine.

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8/26/13 11:48 A

Except in very specific situations, don't pop it. Don't wear the shoes that gave you the blister, keep it covered with a bandaid or gauze and it will go down on its own in a day or 2. The only case where I would pop a blister would be if I was in the middle of a backpacking trip and needed to keep moving.

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8/26/13 11:23 A

I have a horrible blister on my foot! So the question ... do you pop or not?

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