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7/29/13 8:21 A

If you're developing new healthy habits that you intend to keep for life then get rid of the "I blew it" thinking. Life isn't always about doing the same thing day in and day out. You spent a weekend eating (and drinking!) more than usual. Big deal. I did that on Saturday myself. The best part about creating new habits is that it's easy to pick up right where you left off. Don't sweat the small stuff.

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7/29/13 6:47 A

Sometimes Depression can have the impact on us that you have described. Stress can affect a person's ability to remember and with young children, and ill health of others adding to the stress .... well.

Can I ask why you refused to try anti-depressants? Sometimes depression doesn't start as 'depression' but rather a combination of things - stress, poor sleep, not the best nutrition, lack of sunlight, lack of exercise, pain, accidents. Actually, I have just described me, except I had plenty of exercise up until my accident. I know one thing, anti-depressants have been a wonderful help to me, and so has counseling.


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7/29/13 6:27 A

HI Kris, My thyroid was tested but they won't treat me here in Australia unless my levels fall below 35, currently it is 57 which is slightly better. I think it is low but doctors are scared to treat thyroid here unless you go bald and are in hospital !! Although I had all the symptoms (and still do) like extreme tiredness and lethargy, overweight, have difficulty remembering things at times, had hair loss and thinning of hair (unsure if because of having babies recently) is frustrating but I refused to take anti-depressants which they suggested I take when I was feeling down some months ago (for no real reason except I was feeling low due to no stamina and tired all the time).

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7/28/13 11:58 P

How long since you have had a medical? Maybe there is something going on with your body. You are a prime age for things like hypothyroidism to be putting in an appearance, and there are other issues, too, which could cause lethargy/tiredness. Things like low iron.


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7/28/13 11:44 P

Thank you all for your wonderful sisters condition is a little improved although they have to now do something about the newly discovered Lupus but at least they discovered what is wrong finally. Thanks for the prayers and wishes, she is only 37 and needs all the prayers she can get as she is very weak and anorexic too.

As for me I'm determined to beat this weight issue, I was just shocked that I could drink so much...never knew my self control was so poor. However I'm gonna work out a little harder this week. I'm not sure what is wrong though I seem to be very lethargic and unable to get out of bed in the morning at a reasonable hour, although I did have a couple of late nights socially, looks like when you are in your forties your body gets more tired. Have to try to get to bed earlier and get up earlier.

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7/28/13 3:40 P

This can be a slow and long journey, with a LOT of detours that take us off the linear path! I figure that's just how life is, with unexpected issues and emotions and celebrations and worries, and since I'm doing this for life I need to make this journey compatible with life.

I think all of us have had those days/weeks where our weight loss efforts go out the window, and that's ok as long as you don't beat yourself up about it and you can set a plan to get back on track. Even if it's "I know my friend wants to have her graduation dinner tonight at the restaurant where literally everything is fried - I'll go over my calories for sure but I'm still eating a salad for lunch". Just try to make enough good choices that they outweigh the ones you aren't excited about.

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7/28/13 3:08 P

Even in the midst of trying really hard to stay on course, we all sometimes fail. You can be excused for forgetting your diet with your sister's life on the line!

It sounds like you may be a bit down. If you're eating because you're depressed and you can't shake the feeling, please get some professional help for the blues. It sure helped me.

I pray your sister recovers. emoticon

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7/28/13 2:59 P

I lost most of my pregnancy weight after having my son, then went off-plan for a year and stopped losing. I've been back on track for a while and things are going well again. "Blowing it" for two days isn't bad at all, so don't beat yourself up. Two days is a blip, nothing more.

7/28/13 2:23 P

Oh yes, we all experience it! Every day is a new day! emoticon

7/28/13 1:14 P

Forgive yourself. Every time we fall down we learn something. Love yourself. Get back up on your feet, shake it off and start over :) . We have all been there. Hope your sister gets better. emoticon

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7/28/13 5:21 A

You haven't got that on your own - everyone has times like this, and I have had more than my fair share with my late husband being admitted to hospital on numerous occasions - sometimes 1/2 doz times in one year, and then there were many other urgent unexpected events that would pop up. If you look at my weight-ticker, you will see that it hasn't harmed me at all. In fact, last year was a particularly bad year for urgent unexpected happenings, including my husband's death. It isn't what happens on one or two days that causes problems, it is what happens most days.


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7/28/13 4:31 A

Hi Bunny thanks for feeling lousy for blowing away all those calories on alcohol and angry with myself too that I let it happen...but was very very depressed with younger sister in hospital and not knowing whether she will make it...but I know that some days will be good and some days will be bad...hopefully there will be more good days than bad.

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7/28/13 3:45 A

This happens to Every. Single. Person. at some point. Everybody. Learning new ways to respond to stressful situations takes a long time.

It's ok. You have a bad day, or two, or a week... you see what you can learn from the experience, and get right back on the Healthy Living train. Don't let a bad couple of days de-rail you. Most of us have struggled with the "I blew it today, i might as well just give up" voices in our heads quite often. Don't listen to them! It's just a day or two. Tomorrow is a new day.

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7/28/13 3:35 A

Has this happened to all started with my sister taking seriously ill in hospital and feeling down...then had a visitor from overseas so cooking a special meal for her..ended up with drinking 2 bottles of wine...eating at a guests house the following day...didn't track food or exercise (friday, sat) and eat out for late brunch Sunday....not sure if I have what it takes to do this sometimes but won't give up yet...

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