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4/9/12 11:23 A

ive done that a couple times, and honestly, its almost a blessing in not saying cheat every other week, but it gives your body time to relax. everyone loses a lot more wiehgt at the beginning of a diet. if you blow a week, just do the things you might hve done at the start of your diet (writing things down, counting calories, etc), and you might even lose weight quickly, as you would at the start of the deit. i had a bad week a couple of weeks ago, and got back on the wagon starting the next week. then, i lost pretty quickly that whole week. im not guaranteeing it will work wonders for you, but thats what has worked for me. just think of it as a new beginning.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
4/9/12 5:41 A

If you hit a pole when backing out of a parking space..would you get mad and then run your car into a wall? Try not to turn a small problem into a large one.

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4/8/12 6:31 P

i have that, too, for me making sure that i don't let myself get hungry helps avoid disaster, but it's hard when i'm tired! just don't get discouraged, build on that good breakfast!

4/8/12 4:47 P

I have been in this routine for quite awhile myself...I started a new exercise routine and was doing well for 8 days in a row! Then yesterday hit...I was tired from a long week of work and I let my mental strength go...too tired to fight for the will power. So here I am again...tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully I'll be ready to have the will power and fight the urge to snack mindlessly on silly things that don't end up being satisfying at all when all is said and done! Good luck! Don't give up!

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4/7/12 10:50 P

I have had a rough few months. I completely left my plan and gained all of my weight. I am reading the messages to get motivated. Thanks for sharing!

RHIANNON1891 Posts: 50
4/7/12 9:30 P

First, stop beating yourself up. It may sound trite, but every day is a new day. Just start again.

Second, maybe this is a good time for you to re-evaluate your routine. Make a list of the positive things you do to stay on track. Make a list of the negative things you do that sabotage youself.

Take a look at the list and try to find solutions for each.

For example, I've found that lately I've been skipping breakfast. Im going to start planning at night what to make for the morning and leaving a note for myself on the kitchen counter - that way breakfast won't seem so daunting in the morning when I'm tired.

Good luck!

4/6/12 3:37 P

Why should you beat yourself up? Our food choices are not about our character.

Being overweight is a physical issue. Sure, some people say it's a psychological issue, but how we treat our physical bodies can influence our psychological states, so that brings it back to being a physical issue.

Don't buy into the silly notion that our character determines our looks, body size, weight, or food choices. This isn't about character.

There was a time in history when a criminal could plead, "The Devil made me do it." Demon possession was thought to be the cause of poor decision making and criminal actions. The idea that our character determines our health is just as silly.

Carbs and sugars can be addictive. Addiction is a physical process, having nothing to do with character. Even a saint can get addicted when given an addictive substance. Our culture pushes addictive substances at us and then blames us for having an addiction. Don't agree to it by beating yourself up.

You are here. You are trying to change. That was a choice. That is about your character and it says wonderful things about you!

Best wishes,

VICTORIA19651 Posts: 46
4/6/12 2:31 P

I know exactly how you feel. I'll be going along absolutely great and think that nothing could stop me with my healthy eating, and then suddenly I find myself eating frosting out of a can and thinking about what else I could eat before the day ends and the diet starts again tomorrow.
Lately I've been managing to stop myself from this pattern when I stop and count how many calories I actually ate and realize that I haven't blown much at all and there is no need to 'blow it for the day'. If I make note of exactly how many calories I ate, then I decide that its not that bad (and it rarely is that bad) and its enough to stop the ridiculous eating.

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4/6/12 2:16 P

Start now. Go for a walk, drink your water, track your food. All of these things help me stay focused and motivated. We all fall down sometimes, however we have to get up and move forward. Remember that Spark People is about making life long changes, you have to find out what works for you. No peanut butter M&M's once in while are not bad (I love them). However I would ask what is going on that you have stumbled all week. What has changed? I wish I was one of the super wise spark people (I am sure they will be along shortly with better advice), however all I can say is get up and do what you know what you need to do.
Good Luck.

BAILEY43 Posts: 5
4/6/12 1:59 P

This morning, had a super healthy breakfast and was feeling good about how well I stuck to my goals...then at lunch, I found an open bag of peanut butter m&ms in my purse. Countless m&ms later, I tried to convince myself that blowing it one day is forgivable. That's when I realized I've done something along those lines every day this week, and I'm gaining back the weight I lost. Blowing a whole week does not feel forgivable. In fact, I can't seem to stop beating myself up over it. Does anyone else get this way? What do you do to get back on track?

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