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5/21/14 10:48 P

If you do a google search for "Juicing Recipes Joe Cross", you will see in the results "Juice Recipes | Diet Recipes | Reboot With Joe". There you will find a gazillion recipes for juicing. I love many of them. There was a recipe for juicing which called for beets, lime, etc. I really didn't like beets, but I LOVED this juice. I guess I would recommend that you not let the ingredients fool you. I really love juicing. It is, however, time consuming and expensive to purchase all the fresh produce (you need a lot of carrots to get a glass of carrot juice).

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5/21/14 10:38 P

there are tons of websites/blogs about smoothies or specifically, green smoothies. so i would check around there as well for ideas. you can also do a search on pinterest, which will turn up recipes + advice about how to put a healthy smoothie together.

E.g. I found this guide via Pinterest:

E.g. Sparkpeople has a Green Smoothie guide (which I also found on Pinterest):

my default smoothie looks something like this:

-greek yogurt (nonfat, plain)
-1 cup spinach
-1 cup fruit (banana and/or berries are my usual option)

i also like to make a smoothie w/o greens/yogurt that looks like this

-carrots + water (you could juice the carrots but i prefer to just blend them up with some water so i get the nutrients from the carrot peel)
-rolled oats
-fresh squeezed orange juice (i try to avoid adding fruit juice that's not fresh and/or that is processed because i want to avoid the added sugare)

i know some people make smoothies without the yogurt/rolled oats but i think it depends on your preference. i am not a vegan and i use smoothies as a means of having a quick healthy breakfast as well as a helper for food groups i don't get enough of. so i use the yogurt to get in some calcium/dairy/protein and i use the rolled oats to get in some whole grains.

ETA: Forgot to mention that I typically use Greek yogurt (nonfat, plain) when I'm not using citrusy fruit/veggies because I like thick smoothies. But if you're not a fan of thick smoothies, you could use water or milk instead.

smoothies are very customizable so they work to whatever benefit you're going for! enjoy!

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5/20/14 5:48 P

I reeeeeally wanna try making an avocado banana smoothie. I use the mixture on my head, but it has to taste good, right? XD

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5/20/14 8:04 A

Think of it as more of a thin smoothie (like if you made a smoothie without yogurt) than juice.

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
5/20/14 3:59 A

YUM!!! Thank you both for those great suggestions!

Oh...another question: what is the texture and consistency of fruits and veggies that are blended and not juiced? Really thick?

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5/20/14 1:16 A

I like spinach, pineapple, basil, and orange smoothies.

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5/20/14 12:53 A

carrots and apples are great together

tomatoes and lemons

pumpkins or winter squash and oranges

cucumber and mangoes

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
5/19/14 11:55 P

My husband wants to get a gizmo that blends/pulverises fruits and veggies vs. just extracting juice. Now my son wants to get in on it too. My question is this: does anyone have recommendations for good combinations of fruits and veggies to blend?

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