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2/21/12 10:31 A

There are some spark recipes (search coffee) already here, like this one...
e-detail.asp?recipe=364716 or

Right now I am drinking an iced coffee that is rich, creamy, and utterly delicious. In a shaker cup I mixed 1 T of sugar free hazelnut syrup and 1 T heavy cream. Shook it until there was a creamy thick syrup that coated the interior to the cup. Added ice and then poured my 2 C of vietnamese coffee (cool) over top. A sprinkle of cinnamon on top and I am NOT missing Starbucks at all.

2/20/12 11:04 P

I just like coffee, period! The one thing I can't and refuse to give up. =) I do at times put ice in my coffee, or just let it cool with creamer in it, but I like to have the blended and flavored drinks from time to time, and like I said, I'd rather save the drive into town and the $5 a cup and do it myself. =)

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2/20/12 10:28 P

If you like cold drinks try cold brewing the coffee. It makes it much less bitter and therefore needs much less doctoring

2/20/12 2:27 P

Now this is a topic I can get used to, thanks!! emoticon emoticon

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2/20/12 1:34 P

"Dr. Oz" just had a segment on this. Personally? I make my own coffee vietnamese style...which means a dark, hearty roast and a wee bit of raw sugar with the beans. I don't need to add anything to it -- and if I pour it over ice in a to go cup? I am a HAPPY girl!!!

2/20/12 12:18 P

I love going to my local coffee shop, but let's face it, at $5 a coffee and all those calories, it's better to just stay home!!

I've found some great recipes from Hungry Girl, and know where to order the sugar free syrups online, so now, I need to know: What are your favorite "diet friendly" coffee drink recipes!?

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