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SMILEYBABY84 Posts: 130
7/21/09 7:18 P

another BB user begging for a BB app!!! THANKS

7/21/09 7:15 P

I agree, Blackberry app please.

FRANK-B SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,912)
Posts: 7
7/21/09 3:39 A

One more Blackberry user who would love an app!

Pretty please? With Splenda on it?!


MITECU Posts: 9,050
7/9/09 7:20 P

It needs to be easier to use on the blackberry. When I am eating out, and I want to track food, it just takes so long, that I give up.
Also, tracking fitness away from home is difficult. I wish it would remember my password too.

CALLIOPE13 Posts: 151
7/7/09 4:26 P

Please, please, PLEASE we need an app for the BlackBerry. is just sad.

What's up with this anyway? BlackBerries have been around much longer than'd think we'd get first dibs!

JERSEYGIRL24 Posts: 22,036
7/6/09 9:33 P

I agree. I am a Blackberry user, and the Spark Mobile app is not easy to use. Pretty please, can we have a Blackberry app?

WAYNEK Posts: 7
7/6/09 2:57 P


TEE150 Posts: 88
7/6/09 1:02 P

well this is how I got it to work on my BB 8330, because it would not take me to the site when I would typed it in so i emailed the link to myself then opened it up from my BB and added it to my bookmark. you have to log in everytime it dont save your log in & pass word. it allows you to track your food, and show you your daily food summary, and it will track your cardio also oh and it has a food lookup function which is helpful.
hope this helps!!

WAYNEK Posts: 7
7/6/09 12:26 P

2 Votes here... my wife and I both use our Blackberries for everything. Help us out!

WRIBIT Posts: 41
6/19/09 7:00 A

I can't get it to work at all on my blackberry!

TEE150 Posts: 88
6/18/09 3:55 P

I think they updated the mobile version... it dont freeze any more, I can see/edit my food journal and enter cardio and calories burned now..
they getting there. I'm all set now, because of the other applications that I found.

Edited by: TEE150 at: 6/18/2009 (15:56)
6/18/09 2:39 P

A blackberry app is way necessary!!!!

HMSMIKE Posts: 122
6/17/09 9:24 A

I know this is gotta be in the planning stages at least ... Blackberry was popular before the dang AT&T iPhone!!!!

What the Heck, SP!! Help us out PLEASE!!!!

6/17/09 5:42 A

Just giving this a bump for all the BB people out there. I have a BB storm and although I can get to the sparkpeople mobile site, I have to blow it up so many times that it's really a pain in the backside to use. An app for BB and BB touch screen users would be fantastic! I tried to find out if the iPhone version was compatible with BB storm and it's not *cries*

LIVEGOLFTRAVEL SparkPoints: (24,296)
Fitness Minutes: (17,937)
Posts: 500
6/13/09 8:24 P

I would love to have a BB app.

LOOKINFIT1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (30,855)
Posts: 1,373
6/7/09 5:39 P

Count me in as wanting a better mobile site. I have a great log-in streak going which will be broken this week when we go on vacation. I want to be able to log-in for spark points. And get my points for drinking my water. I cannot get the actual sparkpeople web page to work on my phone. (Opera Mini did not help at all.) I can log in (sometimes) but it totally freezes up after that trying to get into the pages. Sparkpeople is one of the big reasons I got a web phone and now I can't Spark on the go. emoticon Please consider helping us out.

TEE150 Posts: 88
6/6/09 1:34 P

ha ha I like that..."crackberry"
I found a few cool appl for my curve 8330 one application is called "Good food near you" you put in the zip of where you are,then it shows the restaurants, think when you click on the one you want it gives a menu of what they have, then click on what you want to order and it gives the nutritional breakdown of the food.. emoticon
another one is called calorie count food search. that one actually takes you to food search and does the same thing for any kind of foods not just restaurant food.
What I do is record it in the memo then when I get home put it in sparks site... DailyPlate has an application too but I'm already used to sparks, and bodybuilder, i dont need to join another one, that would be a little much.

MMONTGOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,622)
Posts: 146
6/2/09 11:27 P

another cool thing would be if it sent you an alert saying that you haven't worked out, or updated your food for the day. Something to keep you faithful!!

MMONTGOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,622)
Posts: 146
6/2/09 11:26 P

another cool thing would be if it sent you an alert saying that you haven't worked out, or updated your food for the day. Something to keep you faithful!!

MMONTGOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,622)
Posts: 146
6/2/09 11:24 P

I'd love it, especially since this website is so complex. It's hard to view things on the browser... even on Opera.

I think the key elements that it would need:
Nutrition Tracker
Fitness Tracker

JOZIGRRL Posts: 422
6/2/09 9:17 P

yesssssssssssss, feed the crackberry babies! I'm in need of an app as well.

1234BARB Posts: 402
6/2/09 2:03 A

soon i hope

TEE150 Posts: 88
6/1/09 9:55 P

yes, I was surfing today and other weight loss and calorie counting sites have BB applications. I want to know when its available

DODANEODWYER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (890)
Posts: 86
6/1/09 7:34 P

I would like an app for my BB as well.

MELI602 Posts: 1
5/27/09 2:39 A

I work for a competitor of ATT and would love to see an app for Blackberry, We could get thousands from my company coworkers alone to join in to SP since the website is blocked from company computers.

5/25/09 9:38 A

Does SP have an date on when an app for BB will come out?

RUTHDES SparkPoints: (87,533)
Fitness Minutes: (23,170)
Posts: 1,267
5/14/09 8:53 A

Use the iPhone app and would love to see a similar Blackberry for my daughter to use. Know it would prompt her to be more attuned to her SparkPeople program...

5/9/09 1:50 P

Adding my vote to the pile of blackberry addicts! I use the "Total Fitness" app to track my food and fitness but then when I get home I will have to transfer it all onto SP which usually doesn't happen and probably won't because I'm too busy doing other stuff! :(

4/28/09 2:16 P

I'd be interested in a BlackBerry app! I've been with SparkPeople for so long, I'm reluctant to switch to the Daily Plate/Livestrong just because they offer an app.

4/22/09 2:55 P

Another vote for a BB app!

4/4/09 2:10 P

Please give us an app!!!! A friend of mine has an iphone and her app mainly just lets her track her food and exercise. That's all I want, I want to be able to track things as I'm doing them rather then wait till I get home to log it all.

SQWKN8R Posts: 252
4/3/09 8:09 P

I would love an app also. At least a way to push my sparkmail to my BB like I can with my hotmail.

4/3/09 7:44 A

I would so LOVE BB app! Why does Iphone get all the dang attention!

KASHAO Posts: 240
3/12/09 5:25 P

Love my crackberry :)

CINDYY00 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,950)
Posts: 896
3/11/09 12:00 P

what's up with that? I can use my BB and checkout SP all the time so is NOT useless.

TVTORI Posts: 21
2/10/09 11:14 A

I agree -- this site is pretty much useless for a BB user. Too bad.

HEARTFRUIT Posts: 1,373
2/10/09 11:04 A

Unfortunately the mobile phone site comes up in such small text on my BB that it's basically not usable. And I have really good vision, I imagine that someone who required glasses wouldn't be able to use it at all. This is not true of other website's mobile versions.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,307
2/9/09 10:44 P

We don't have a blackberry app at this time, but we do have a mobile version of the site that can be used on your blackberry or other cell phone through the browser on it. Here's a link with more info on that:> .


BETTY925 Posts: 973
2/9/09 12:21 P

Ohooooooooo....I would love a BB app! emoticon

SUDIVA Posts: 224
2/9/09 11:42 A

Ditto!! I love my BB.

TVTORI Posts: 21
2/9/09 11:29 A

I would too -- according to various web sites, there already is one, but I can't find it. There's so much high tech stuff at SP, that being able to get it using our BB's would help a lot!!! And so far, looks like the BB users are more excited out there...soooooo, not to be biased, but I think you should fasttrack the BB app!!! :)

2/9/09 9:43 A


PEACH174 Posts: 41
1/19/09 5:08 P

I'd like this too!

SHANTELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,110)
Posts: 390
1/17/09 7:17 P

I would love that

JERSEYGIRL24 Posts: 22,036
1/17/09 5:52 P

I'd like this, too!

Fitness Minutes: (81)
Posts: 109
1/10/09 8:28 P

I just bought a Blackberry and would lve thisas well!! I would definetly get my money's worth out of my phone with that added!!

DJRS85 Posts: 610
1/9/09 7:10 P

I would LOVE that!

FANCY_PANTS Posts: 428
1/9/09 1:13 P

Yes, I would be one of the first to use it as well!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,307
1/9/09 10:07 A

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass it along!


REDRAVEN72 Posts: 94
1/9/09 8:15 A

I've read a post for people requesting an iPhone app for SparkPeople. So on behalf of BlackBerry users, I'd like to request one for the BlackBerry too.


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