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ANDI5334 Posts: 18
7/3/08 4:43 P

I also had black and blue marks appear on my right hip. for no reason. I have a doctors apt Tuesday. Along with bruising I have experienced hives external and internal and they seem to be setting off mild asthma attacks don't seem to have the energy i had before .I'm hoping to get blood work done so i can get back to exercising and my normal self.

7/3/08 11:58 A

I went to the doctor about this and forgot to post about my results. Ooops! The doctor ran blood tests to check for clotting and deficiencies and everything came back normal or close enough to normal to not be cause for alarm. The doc was stumped. The spots have since faded away. He said he sees about half a dozen patients a year that randomly bruise in odd places and didn't hit the spot to get the bruise. He has no idea what causes it except that some people bruise quite easily and even though they might have hit it lightly, it still bruised. I'm working on watching my eating habits more closely though to make sure I'm getting the nutrition I need. Hopefully, the spots will stay away now until I bump myself on something and have reason for a bruise (that won't take long with my luck!). Thanks for all of your help!

HEALTHYRED Posts: 1,415
6/18/08 11:19 A

I agree with everybody that it might be worth asking the doctor about, if you are worried.

My yoga teacher was a big fan of everyone doing a simple inversion for about a half hour every day. An inversion is just lying close to a wall with your legs resting straight up the wall, feet in the air.

Besides draining excess fluid that might have built up, according to her, inversions stimulate the growth of a better circulation system overall.

You might try doing a little inversion as part of your routine, especially in the evenings.

Plus it feels pretty good. :)

6/18/08 10:09 A

Circuit training? You mean like Curves? I go to Curves, maybe I'm not stretching enough afterwards. I made an appointment to see the doctor this afternoon, so we shall see. I might mention that to him and see if it could be related. Thanks!

BECCAG42 Posts: 72
6/18/08 10:00 A

I may be totally off base with this, but last year I was taking a circuit training class, and one of the ladies in it had not been excesising at all before taking the class, and she started to get "bruises" on her legs. Turns out it had something to do with the blood "pooling" or something like that and all she had to do for it not to happen was make sure she did a really good cool down and lots of stretching after class, so her circulation was better. Sounds weird, but it took care of the problem....

6/18/08 6:43 A

Thank you again for the advice. I'm going to call my doctor this afternoon. I know my Vitamin C levels aren't where they should be or where they used to be, so maybe that will be all it is. I am curious about the difference between Vericose veins and enlarged veins. I thought all enlarged veins were Vericose. I was told by my dermatologist that mine are big enough to cause concern and should be removed by a plastic surgeon, but he didn't tell me about the difference between enlarged veins and Vericose veins.

6/18/08 1:37 A

I would definitely see the doc and do a personal check on your vitamin c level. However, let me say that blackening of the joints in diabetes is rare and it is true blackening; it doesn't usually look like bruising.

I used to weigh over 400 pounds and didn't see any vericose veins. I lost a great deal of weight when the insulin levels causing my growth disorder dropped and I saw/see large veins now. They aren't vericose but are large due to increased muscle mass and they ride over the enlarged muscles. All sorts of wonderful and strange things happen when we lose weight.

SP_COACH_DEAN SparkPoints: (115,250)
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6/18/08 1:27 A

Hi, E

Talking to your doctor sounds like a good idea. How's your vitamin C intake? A deficiency can cause easy bruising...

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

6/17/08 11:25 A

Thank you for your response. I hadn't even thought of the diabetes. I'm prediabetic, so now that you mention the diabetes darkening the joints, I wonder if it could be related. Now I think I'm going to try to get out of work early or at least on time and call my doctor. I was just in for a physical on Friday and the spots weren't there, so he's going to wonder what's up. Thanks!!

2_NEW_HORIZONS Posts: 3,915
6/17/08 11:25 A

sounds like the varicose veins but defo seek a medical opinion

TSTRING Posts: 1,215
6/17/08 11:20 A

It really just doesn't sound right to me. For you to bruise yourself that badly while you sleep simply from your knees rubbing together? I worry when you describe this because Diabetes can cause blackening of the joints, or limbs, and it's very serious. This could be nothing, but you know what? I seriously think you need to get to a doctor. Better safe than sorry.

6/17/08 9:47 A

I'm hoping this is the correct place to post this. About two weeks ago I noticed that I had black and blue marks on the insides of my knees. It looks like I banged my knees against each other really hard a few times. They hurt to the touch, but I didn't remember hitting them to make them black and blue. They went away after about a week, but yesterday I noticed they are back and are worse. I'm a side sleeper and my husband wondered if since I've lost some of the "pudge" from around my knees if my knees are rubbing together when I sleep and the bones are somehow pushing against each other and basically pinching the skin. My other thought is I'm wondering if something is going on with the vericose veins in my legs. I know this is something I should call my doctor for, but I share an office and don't have an opportunity today to use the phone for personal use so I was hoping for some advice. Thanks for reading!!

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