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ANARIE Posts: 13,179
6/30/11 7:44 P

It really does just depend on the rest of what you eat and what your health issues or goals are. If you have a family history of high blood pressure or kidney disease so that sodium is a known issue, you'll want to go with the bison to avoid the sodium. If heart disease and clogged arteries is a bigger worry, then the low saturated fat in the turkey probably makes that the better choice. It's kind of like what we tell people about running shoes; what matters is that they fit YOUR feet, not what brand they are or who esle wears them.

Also, although I didn't look at the links, it sounds like there might be a portion size issue. Maybe do a little math and make sure that the bison really does have more sat/fat *per ounce.* If the turkey burger is half the size, then HALF a bison burger would probably be your best bet.

LUVCHI3 Posts: 211
6/30/11 6:46 P

try buying ground bison and making your own pattys, you could make them smaller or the ground bison may be leaner than what is in those patties. i looked at wegmans and they have bison groung and the nutrition info for four ounces is not too bad. i'm not sure what size burgers they are you get from what i could tell on their site they are slightly over 5 ounces.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
6/30/11 3:21 P

I'd go with lower calories, lower saturated fat.

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
6/30/11 1:02 P


DIEDRA726811 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/30/11 11:59 A

I grew up on ground turkey and it has been substituted for beef since I can remember in my house. Now that I am 30 years old it seems odd to use anything else. But anyone who eats at my house definitely notices it. I have not tried Bison, but I am always up for a change in diet as long as it is a healthy one. I may just have to pick up some bison and give it a try.

SILVERSTAR1975 SparkPoints: (8,820)
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6/30/11 11:47 A

My vote is for bison, but eat the one you think tastes better! Since I've jumped off the low fat bandwagon I've gone back to appreciating a greater variety of meats. I would just be concerned about the additives in pre-packaged burgers of any kind.

I used to eat a lot of ground turkey because it was "good for me" all the while thinking it wasn't nearly as good as a regular beef. Turkey just has a distinctive taste you can't disguise, even in chile.

LAURIEANNIE1 Posts: 2,203
6/30/11 9:39 A

Bison. Where we get ours it is grass fed and no hormones. Turkey on the other had has more than likely been raised in a very large barn on top of other turkeys and fed who knows what.

NEVERQUIT34 Posts: 61
6/30/11 12:21 A

thank you all for your input! It's greatly appreciated. emoticon

JENG829 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/27/11 11:33 A

BISON. Ingredients on the bison burger are 100% bison, while the turkey burger has added salt & "natural flavors", which can be just about anything. Only thing that would make the bison burgers better is if they were 100% grass fed/pastured. :)

Don't be too afraid of saturated fat... not saying to drown yourself in it, but just do some research on the recent studies showing that saturated fat is not as bad as it's been made out to be.

JWAKJA SparkPoints: (13,190)
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6/27/11 8:30 A


NIRERIN Posts: 14,236
6/27/11 7:59 A

first, if you have a link to use, don't just copy and paste it into the text box. when you post of edit there is a button right on top of the text box that says add a link. use that to paste in your link to make it easier for people to go where you want them.

as far as your question, it depends on what the rest of your day/diet looks like. some saturated fat isn't that bad for you, but if it is something you are typically eating a lot of or going over on, then you should choose the one with less. same for sodium or whatever else you are really high or low on. when you are low on something, you want to pick an option that gets you closer to where you should be. if you are high on something, you should pick the option that has less of it. either burger is workable because any food is. it's just about finding other foods that balance it out where you need to be.

KASSAY25 Posts: 3,218
6/27/11 7:51 A

Bison! Very low calories, lower in fat than beef and MUCH tastier than all the above. As long as you are not eating it every night, then Bison is the better option. The problem with Turkey burgers is that since they tend to be less tasty, you have to add more to it including condiments. Bison meat is so tasty, no condiments OR BUN required.

6/27/11 2:35 A

those bisen burgers have a lot of fat 29 g and 380 calories... I can eat 140 gram chicken breast for half of that... 150 calories... and the turkey sausage I eat are 100 calories... I vote turkey for me..

6/27/11 2:32 A

I like the turkey sausage but have to limit other things I eat that have salt for that day but I can eat two sausage and still keep sodium in a healthy place if not eating any other processed food..

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6/27/11 12:09 A

Doesn't matter, variation is a key word to get all our daily vitamins minerals and trace elements in.. Just watch the fat percent.. A decent cut of meat will cost alot more money than a crap cut..

No one gives quality away dirty cheap..

I use a telfon pan and wok, I use kitchen tissue to wipe away excess fat that seeps out of the meat..

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6/26/11 7:21 A

I would definately go with the bison burger. We do deer burgers here at home. I usually end up mixing a tsp or so of olive oil in with the deer because it is so lean.

PSALM22 Posts: 13,167
6/26/11 4:53 A

Personally, I'd go with the bison burger. And that is what I actually do. It's definitely better than regular beef burgers! And I find most processed turkey products to be yucky.

NEVERQUIT34 Posts: 61
6/25/11 10:25 P

I buy tenderbison burgers on occastions because I've notice it;s high in portien. Just recently I compared the bison to Butterball turkey burgers and was knocked off my feet. So the bison burger is higher in saturated fat, lower in sodium, lower in cholestoral compared to the turkey burger.

Is it better to forgo the bison burger because the high saturated fat or do away with the high sodium turkey burgers? Help me understand this by looking at both nutrition links below....

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