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MAXINOVA SparkPoints: (29,765)
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4/16/13 9:18 A

Definitely have a piece of cake. I just celebrated my birthday last week. I took a 6 mile hike in the morning to offset any indulgence I would have throughout the day. We also had cupcakes instead because if there was a cake in my house I would have eaten the whole thing.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/16/13 9:04 A

put it in your plan for the day and enjoy your cake

HEALTHY4UNI SparkPoints: (12,464)
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4/16/13 1:57 A

Have your cake and eat it too! You can limit the size if you want! You can track it and accommodate for the calories! You can count that day as a No Track Celebration Day but remember that what you are trying to do is develop a lifestyle, not be on a diet! SO decide what should be your long term solution and go with it! You have lots of choices, only 1 of them says don't eat cake and what I hear you saying is that you don't like that idea and it sounds like you almost see it as torture! Take control and be in-charge! The cake is not your master. You are! Eating it won't kill you! But if you decide not to, accept it and don't let it have control of your mind or your heart!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
4/16/13 1:01 A

Enjoy your Bday!!!!

What's life without an occasional cake?!

Just make it a reasonable portion, and you should be fine!!!!

4/15/13 11:20 P

I would say have some cake. But keep it to a small piece and give the rest away.
Or maybe cupcakes would be better.

Happy Birthday (early)


KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
4/15/13 10:46 P

My birthday is coming up and i am planning to have some cake so i am being as good as possible till then. I think you should once you can stop yourself before you overdo it, why not.

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (546,024)
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4/15/13 9:58 P

You should treat yourself to whatever you want to! If you want cake, enjoy it and get back on track the next day. Happy Birthday!

MLAN613 Posts: 18,619
4/15/13 8:10 P

I say go for it! A birthday is a good reason to have cake.

And Happy Birthday!!!!

IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
4/15/13 5:49 P

Definitely go ahead and have a piece of cake, unless you know that you won't be able to stop once you start. For some people, if they go off track a little bit, they can spiral out of control. But if you're not worried about that and know that you can keep it in check, enjoy that cake! I second some other posters saying it might be best to get just one piece from a bakery unless you're having enough people to finish the cake in one night. Happy B-day!

WORDWOMAN7 SparkPoints: (11,240)
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4/15/13 5:10 P

I would go to a really good bakery and buy one slice of cake (only get or make a whole cake if you're sharing with a bunch of people and the cake will be gone that night!) and enjoy it. It *is* your birthday, after all. I think that it's important to reassure ourselves that we can have the foods we love the most; we just can't have them as often as we used to, or consume as much as we used to.

Happy birthday!

CATIEBELLE Posts: 7,743
4/15/13 2:52 P

There are several really good cake recipes in Spark Recipes that will satisfy a cake craving. I have made these cakes and took them to dinners and no one knew they were low calorie. I have made the one with diet soda and also the one with pumpkin and everyone ate them and did not complain about the taste.

SIMPLYME160 SparkPoints: (1,834)
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4/15/13 11:54 A

Happy Birthday! Have a slice of cake! Enjoy your day! Perhaps a small cake that will be gone after everyone is served a slice, no temptation later. Or a fancy cupcake for each person with a candle placed in the center.. deny now, binge later! Enjoy!

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (245,995)
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4/15/13 11:36 A

HBTY, HBTY, HB, HB, HBTY! emoticon

mine was Saturday. I haven't eaten any thing really decadent in quite a while either. But I do love me some birthday cake! I had to go to the grocery for some unexpected puppy food needs (read my blog if you are interested in more details about that), so I checked out the bakery. They had some Lemon Bites (mini cupcakes). 2 for 210 calories. I bought them. Enjoyed a serving on Saturday. And one on Sunday. Tracked it & stayed in my ranges no problem.

so I say...plan, keep track, but most of all - ENJOY!

DANYLEIN SparkPoints: (90,364)
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Posts: 359
4/15/13 11:19 A

If you really want it, why not? You may end up regretting not having a slice and totally binging later. You know what to do. It's one day a year. Get up the next day and get right back on the wagon.
Happy Birthday!

SBURDEN Posts: 10,812
4/15/13 11:16 A

It's all about balance. If you don't allow yourself the things you enjoy from time to time and don't work them into your plan, you may end up wanting them more. Enjoy life responsibly!

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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4/15/13 11:10 A

Say Yes to the emoticon

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ONTHEPATH2 SparkPoints: (155,285)
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4/15/13 10:25 A


I don't know where you are on this path, but life without birthday cake? Doesn't sound like much fun to me!

I also know I have no control - and if there was a cake in my house, it wouldn't be long and it would disappear & I would be filled with guilt! So, if you are like me, you may want to go to a bakery or restaurant and buy a piece of your favorite cake, or a cupcake that way you can't over indulge!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy every moment!!!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,460
4/15/13 10:23 A

I totally agree with Jennilacey

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
Fitness Minutes: (86,286)
Posts: 2,489
4/15/13 10:17 A

Happy Birthday! emoticon

...and why shouldn't you? Everything in moderation. We're making lifestyle changes here and what's a lifetime without birthday cake?!

Allowing yourself treats and indulgences in moderation will keep you on the right track and is a good learning experience to teach yourself that you *can* have your piece cake and eat it too without devouring the whole cake. If I were to cut out the foods I love completely out of my diet, I never would have made it this far.

I think the best way to go about it is to make 80-90% of your food choices A and B rated (if you were to rate food by nutritional value) choices, 5-15% C rated choices and save 5% for those special occassion D rated choices; cakes, donuts, ice cream, cookies, alcohol, pop, chips etc.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,460
4/15/13 9:39 A

Have a peice of real cake and enjoy it.

Life is too short to cut out cake or eat Diet cake

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SHERYLDS Posts: 17,371
4/15/13 8:34 A

Celebrate your birthday and have a blast.
Cake on your special day isn't going to undo all your progress...
Just expect that it might delay it for a few days.

Get it out of your system and make your day special

AMARANTHA120S Posts: 474
4/15/13 8:30 A

I don't really have advice because only you know if it is something you want to do, having as you stated not had it for a long time.

Just wanted to say, "Happy Birthday."

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
4/15/13 8:26 A

yes you should, if you're worried about the calories, lighten up on another meal of the day.

CBLENS SparkPoints: (47,498)
Fitness Minutes: (16,557)
Posts: 1,220
4/15/13 7:20 A

yes, if you deprive yourself you are more apt to fail, when you do indulge. Just plan it into your meal plan.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (566,079)
Fitness Minutes: (346,007)
Posts: 15,960
4/14/13 10:56 P

Happy Birthday ahead of time, and absolutely have a small slice of birthday cake!

4/14/13 9:14 P

I absolutely have some days where I miss my calorie range on the high side. I absolutely then work really hard the next several days to make up for it. So.... if it were me, I would enjoy! Happy Birthday!!!

ELLES26 Posts: 447
4/14/13 9:09 P

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. As long as you stick to your plan the other 355 days a year, I don't see why you shouldn't enjoy some luxuries on your special day!

ATHENA-NADINE SparkPoints: (20,812)
Fitness Minutes: (28,706)
Posts: 360
4/14/13 9:07 P

As long as you eat healthy all day and keep portion sizes reasonable I see no reason you can't have a piece of cake--as long as you can stop at only a piece of cake and go right back to eating healthy afterwards.

Happy birthday!

4/14/13 9:01 P

Why do we celebrate by eating things that we know aren't good for us, will make us feel ill, will spoil our hard work and progress ... or at least slow us down.
I don't know what plan you're on, but isn't there something you can request that will feel like a reward and that will actually BE a reward?
I'm personally crazy about low-carb, sugar free cheesecake, and I'm still proud of myself in the morning.
What would feel like celebration, and give you something to brag about the next day?
Just a thought...

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
4/14/13 8:48 P

My birthday is this Thursday, so should I or shouldn't I have cake? I love me some birthday cake, when I was pregnant I CRAVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my birthday and haven't had cake in a very long time and honestly would love to have some .... but should I?

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