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2/5/13 6:20 A

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!! I am truly blessed with so many joys and thankful for what I have been given.
Did I reach my birthday goals??
Current weight 178 emoticon
Bought a size 10 jeans and a medium top for my birthday dinner emoticon

I am in Week 6 of the SHRED diet but taking the day off today to enjoy my birthday~ 6 pounds away from reaching my goal of 60 pounds lost so I will refocus on Wednesday and finish this last week strong.

Yesterday I pulled double workout duty and planning on doing that again today- Going to do at least 20 min of circuit this morning although I am going for 40.
Have a great day emoticon

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2/2/13 3:14 P

emoticon emoticon

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2/2/13 11:00 A

Almost my birthday and almost done Week 5
Today I am about to hit the streets to shop
Food shopping and then picking up a birthday present for a friend's granddaughter. I am going to the party but I don't plan on staying long. I will eat before I leave and take a snack just in case. It's a kids party so there is no telling what might be there (food wise).

I want to stay on track until my birthday. I m giving myself the gist of a "no shred diet day" starting with IHOP in the morning- free pancakes emoticon

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2/1/13 6:15 A

Almost done Week 5- today starts Day 5. It is also almost my birthday emoticon . I am giving myself the present of a tatoo for my birthday. When I was 200+ I always wanted a back tattoo (tramp stamp) but thought it would look like a billboard. Now that I am leaner this is my reward. I used to want a belly button ring but I am over that one emoticon

I asked the DH to design me a tattoo months ago but he forgot. Now I guess I will have to pick something out of a book if he has not come up with something by this week-end. But I am doing it!

Today at 5 pm is the start of my 4 day week-end!!! Super excited to not have to go or think about work.
Otherwise Day 5 here I come- I have even managed to stay focused on the week-ends emoticon

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1/28/13 7:41 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon
Weigh in this morning---178.4!
OMG finally made it to the 170's and just in time for my birthday!!!
Today is the start of Week 5 of the shred diet- tons of food today but all part of his Cleanse week. I am determined to see this plan through. I have not followed it all the time but it did help me break the plateau
My goal was to lose 60 lbs - 172lbs So close and it is kind of scary but to excited to let fear lead me today

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1/27/13 1:33 P

Tomorrow is Week 5. So glad to almost be done this challenge that I subjected myself to emoticon Week 5 looks pretty easy food wise and so I am not expecting any issues. My 24/7 videos came on Saturday! I will be looking over the meal plan and schedule. Thinking maybe I will try the meal plan with the workout schedule in March. Next month I will still be working out and watching what I eat but I don't want to start any new plan because I just want to enjoy my birthday month emoticon
Tomorrow is weigh in so I am little nervous to pull the scale out of the closet. emoticon

Hoping to be under the 180 mark emoticon

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1/24/13 10:33 A

Yesterday was good emoticon . I even feel better being back on the SHRED plan plus I worked out which helped reduce some anxiety I was feeling. This morning I made a peanut butter - jelly (with strawberries) smoothie. It was YUMMY. I love PB2 emoticon
I have all my food planned and tracked for today. Tonight is 30 min of exercise. I have two workouts to pick from- Xtreme Training is 30 min or Party Express w/ Hard Core Abs is 35. I am leaning towards Xtreme since I rarely do this video.

Also I have to order the red raspberry tea for next week's Cleanse week. So off to Amazon I go

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1/23/13 1:12 P

Back on track!!! emoticon
I got this- plus since I am not cooking tonight I am going for 60 min circuit training tonight emoticon emoticon

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1/22/13 3:22 P

Confession- I was determined to stay on the plan today BUT I went to lunch with my co-workers. We went to a Spanish restaurant that I emoticon
I did good and bad
I ordered the baked chicken platter- did not eat the skin but I ate 90% of the chicken which like 1/2 a chicken emoticon

I ate the beans but NONE of the rice emoticon

I did eat 3 pieces of plantains emoticon (fried)

I have already adjusted my calories for the rest of the day so that I am within my calorie range. So even though I did not stick to the meal plan I don't want to be over my calories for today. Tomorrow should be much easier since I am in the office most of the day. Plus I have already decided to add an extra 15-20 min to my workout tonight

JIBBIE49 Posts: 68,962
1/22/13 1:00 P

Don't quit.

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1/22/13 7:25 A

Thanks for the Kudos. When I started losing I would read blogs from people who lost 50 or more pounds and how they were struggling to lose the rest. I always thought "Why are they struggling they have done so well??" But now I am one of those people. This is harder than the beginning.

I weighed in on Monday. Last week I had gained 2 lbs which meant I weighed 182- yesterday I weighed 180.4. I am glad that I lost the 2lbs but to be honest I am disappointed. I really wanted to be under 180 this week.

I went off plan last night- eating not the 2 slices of pizza that I made but rather the whole darn pie! OMG yes I did- tasted so good and I am already over it. Back on plan today and ready to workout after work.

I packed my scale away and will not get on it until next Monday. I had been weighing myself throughout the week but that needs to stop emoticon

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1/20/13 5:15 P

Great job on losing so much weight!! That is absolutely awesome. I wish you the best of luck with your next goal. I have no idea what the shred diet is but I am glad it is working for you- I will have to look into it. I'm glad you are entering into the home stretch of your weight loss journey- I hope your weight maintaining journey is as successful!! :) emoticon

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1/20/13 4:05 P

emoticon I am nearing the end of my weight loss journey or so I hope. I have been trying to get rid of the last 15- 20 lbs. I am not sure if I will even stop there. I started at 232 and now I am 180.6 emoticon I am really proud of my progress but really have never defned a goal weight. Last year my goal was to be under 200 by my birthday, which I did at 198. This year I would love to be in 170-ville. At least 175 emoticon

To help jump start my weight loss I started the new SHRED diet a few weeks ago. So far I lost my holiday splurge weight of 7 pounds and I am so close to 170 ville!! Tomorrow is my next weigh in and hopefully it will bring me closer to 175. My birthday is Feb 5th a little over 2 weeks so I am trying hard to reach my goal.

I created this journal in hopes to gain support from others but also to share my experience on the SHRED diet. Before creating this journal I talked about my experience in my blogs (on my SP page)
Well today is my last day of Week 3 but I plan on journaling as much as I can

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