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7/4/13 8:23 A

I have an interesting update! A week ago I started on Buproprion for depression. Unlike SSRIs, the effects of this drug often kick in very quickly. After suffering through the first couple of days of tummy upset and increased anxiety, I'm gradually beginning to feel like a dark veil is lifting. It's not that I don't still feel the depression, but I would say it's more like the layer of debilitating despair is fading--meaning that I feel a bit more able to cope and move on. But, why I'm bringing this up in this thread is that one of the most interesting things that I've discovered in the past couple of days is that I'm finding my "will power" again. This is NOT the same thing as a decreased appetite (which can occur with certain antidepressant meds). I still think a lot about food, and it still appeals to me, but now I'm able to think clearly; to stop myself from binging. It's not that the "wanting" is gone, but it's not controlling my will. I even opted for an apple over ice cream last night. What I'm really getting at, is that I think for a lot of people the binging is a symptom of depression, rather than the cause. I was extremely resistant to using drugs to deal with my depression, but after trying everything else (exercise, journaling, talking, etc) it just got so extreme that I became desperate enough to try it. I'm not necessarily trying to encourage anyone to take antidepressant drugs, but I do think it's worth seeking out the appropriate medical/psychiatric care if you think you are depressed. And the odd thing about depression is that you can be so accustomed to the feeling, or so far gone, that you don't even recognize that you are depressed.

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6/30/13 12:36 P


I just started seeing a psychiatrist in Feb. for meds to help with the binge eating and anxiety. Before that I was in therapy -every other week -OA meetings and group therapy.

I think that therapy gave me the tools to calm the anxiety, depression etc. and pick myself up after a setback. But it wasn't until I started taking meds that I mentally began to feel better.

Good Luck!!!

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6/30/13 12:27 P

Russel--I think you have a good point. It's definitely worth examining. In my case, I will binge on anything/everything that is available. We almost never have junk in the house--never have cookies, refined cereals, candy, etc. But I will binge on fruit which, though unrefined, is of course high fructose/carb. But I will also binge on yogurt, broccoli, and peanut butter. Basically it doesn't matter what it is--I just have to stuff stuff in my mouth all the time. Fortunately I do not like fast food and have never ever binged on it. But whoa--hold me back at a buffet or a party. I have left both of those so painfully full that I seriously considered going to the emergency room. I think binging is a multi-faceted problem, and the medical/psyche fields have a lot more work to do to figure out how to best address it.

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6/30/13 10:21 A

I used to binge a lot. I'd eat 5000 calorie 4th meals at Taco Bell.. 10 burritos, and a box of donuts, plus a pint of Ben & Jerry's, and wash it down with a 2 liter of Pepsi. This was after eating a nice 2000 calorie day of 3 meals and 2 snacks. I weighed 361 lbs, and couldn't stop eating even though I had diabetes, and congestive heart failure.

I noticed that every single binge food was carby. I never binged on steak, or macadamia nuts. I found a book called Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, and the first page described me to a T. So I started Atkins 3 years ago, and have lost 135 lbs. I eat some carbs, but mostly meat eggs, and vegetables, along with butter, and oil. I no longer feel hungry at all, and have even been able to add back in fiber bars, and beans

Mostly I have to avoid sugar. Some people find that just getting rid of sweets, or pop does the trick, or wheat, and sugary cereals are a problem for them. You may want to discuss this with your doctor, and if you see a dietician, you can work out a diet that helps you. There are many reasons why people binge, and you have to find out what is causing you binging. I just figured most of the other reasons will get covered, and wanted you to consider that processed, and refined carbs may be the problem.

Hope you figure it out, and feel better, and get healthier.

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6/30/13 3:36 A

I think chemical imbalances in the brain are very often involved in any addiction. I applaud you seeking help.

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6/29/13 10:40 P

I can't stand this anymore!!! I hate this feeling--uncomfortable full, ashamed, disgusted. I'm 43 years old and didn't have this problem until fairly recently. I guess it started about 2-3 years ago. I was on Weight Watchers and doing incredible well. I didn't even have that much to lose, and it came off easily for me. I was so "good". And then one day, under tremendous stress, I told myself, "to heck with it--today I'm going to eat whatever and how ever much I want." Though I have always been an enthusiastic eater, that was the first time I ever really "binged". And looking back, that was really a relatively minor binge. But something happened to me--I could literally feel the endorphins kicking in as I gave into my desire for food. It was like a flood of feel-good chemicals swimming in my brain. After that day, I started to binge regularly--maybe 2-3 times a week. The binges just got longer and more-calorie laden. Now I have a binge almost every day, sometimes they last almost from morning until bed time. I never get that "feel-good" rush anymore, but I'm still compelled. Of course I have tried numerous times to stop, but I just can't.

After a lot of reading and thinking, I have come to the conclusion that this is beyond the scope of "will power" or self-help. I am convinced that my brain has been rewired by that initial binging incident; that the pleasure feedback I got that day created a some kind of permanent program in my brain. Having come to this realization, I am going to see a psychiatrist to see about medication. I know I suffer from depression, so maybe the binging is the result of the depression. In any case, I have read that there are medications that can help. I did not come to this solution easily, but I feel it's my only resort.

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6/24/13 3:43 P

I, too, suffered from a binge eating disorder for YEARS and varied in weight from 165 - 265 pounds. I got counseling to find out WHY I binged and HOW to head off a binge. Other than identifying and working through the cause, the biggest help I got from my therapist was learning that I needed to think through a binge. Normally, when I binged, I was on autopilot, just shoveling food in without thinking about it. She taught me to STOP and THINK before doing it. "Why am I doing this?" "What do I really want?" "How will I feel about this tomorrow?" I haven't had a binge in over 6 months now and while I'm not sure if you're ever "cured", I feel much better and have been able to lose about 30 pounds. I definitely encourage you to seek counseling!

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6/24/13 12:53 P

I too encourage you to get counseling for this. It takes a while for some people (it has for me) but it can work. Oddly enough in my case it taught me a lot about myself but didn't lead me to stop binging. I still recommend it.

I have gone nearly a month now without a binge and what has made the most difference for me is trying to eliminate sugar. It is not easy I can tell you but after a couple of weeks the cravings do get much easier to handle. There is just something about sugar. It truly is a substance that leads to abuse. Many who have had success with overeaters anonymous told me this twenty years ago and I wasn't ready to take their advice. Now I have become ready and it has made a difference.

6/24/13 7:52 A

I too encourage you to seek counseling in your area. Contact your local hospital or mental health clinic to discover what services are in your area. Your Employee Assistance Program may also have options.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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6/23/13 11:04 P


I'm in recovery from anorexia and bulimia and I also isolated and had anxiety. This site: has been very helpful :) It also really helps to find a distraction after eating. I usually listen to music, but some people find that doing something repetitive helps like knitting.

Is seeing a therapist something that you think you can do?


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6/23/13 9:31 P

First, let me assure you that you are NOT alone. Many of us struggle with binge eating.

My first suggestion is to seek counseling for this. Binge eating is an eating disorder, and the best way to get a handle on it is to seek therapy. Most of the time binges are triggered by something, and you will need to learn how to deal with those triggers without food.

I know for me, my biggest triggers are stress and boredom.

Get a notebook... every time you feel like you need to binge, write down what you are feeling at that exact moment. Be honest with yourself. Then you can see... ok, I was feeling stressed at work, so I munched through a bag of chips or I was sad my friend canceled plans so I ate a pizza... you get the idea. (by the way, these are examples from my own personal journal) By doing this you can learn to recognize the triggers and deal with them in another, positive way

best of luck friend

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6/23/13 6:14 P

Hello all,

I am looking for any advice or help on how to deal with binge eating when trying to stick with a healthier way of eating. I have a history of bulemia and binge eating and am desperate to try and get to a healthier weight. I am currently 350+ lbs and am very unhappy with where I am. I am caught in the viscious cycle of isolating, bingeing and depression. Any help is greatly appreciated!

much thanks,

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