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3/23/13 7:53 P

Debby,thank-you for your post,I have suffered from severe anxiety since my teens.had one last night at the Mall.I hate them.What helps me get through these is music,Knowing it will pass,talking to a friend,,exercise ,yoga which someone else mentioned,going to the movie and watching a comedy or at home.,most important as also mentioned is taking my medicine as Dr prescribed and just getting out of my own head, helping others

Good Luck You Can Do It emoticon

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3/21/13 11:38 A

I agree that the first step is to control the panic attacks. If you have been on meds for awhile, try to figure out why you are forgetting to take them. They should be part of your routine. Other posters have had helpful comments.

Have you spoken to your doctor/therapist today? I don't think there is a way to "catch up," but they might know how you can safely counteract those missed doses and get you back on track quicker.

Perhaps if you kept a journal noting what you are eating and how you are feeling before and after may help you detect any connections with your mood issues. There may be some foods that are triggers for you. For example, simple carbs, except fruit, send me in a tailspin and I just have to avoid them. Do you eat a lot of processed foods with additives and chemicals? Some people are very sensitive to those as well.

I hope you find peace. Once you find balance, the eating issues likely will become easier to deal with.

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3/21/13 6:28 A

Sounds like one of the first things to fight the panic attacks is to remember to take your meds! Whatever it takes to do that. Set alarm on your phone for med times. Write note on your frig, leave note on door you exit your home from. Leave note in your car. Whatever.........

Many of the meds for anxiety have rebound effects if you skip dosages and allow the blood levels of the med to drop - actually making the attacks worse.

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3/21/13 4:57 A


Don't worry ! You didn't do anything wrong !! If you know your binge eating is tied to your panic attacks, then you need to find other ways to vent your frustrations instead of turning to food.

When you feel a panic attack coming on, get out of the house. Take a walk ASAP. this will keep you from being tempted to head for the frig. You could also try having a cup of tea. Slowly sip the tea to give yourself a chance to calm down. Walking and drinking tea are two ways to reduce your stress.

Because ultimately, if you want to stop the binge eating, you need to find ways to relax. I'm a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline.

Have you ever tried yoga ? If not, I'm going to encourage you to try a class. Don't do a DVD if you've never done yoga. start with a class where you can work with an instructor. a good instructor will teach you pose modifications when you need them. A good yoga instructor can also teach you BREATHING techniques. Learning how to breathe when you feel a panic attack coming on can also help. That's going to take time, but believe me it's worth it. So, think about taking a good yoga class.

Don't worry ! Everything will be fine !

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3/21/13 12:56 A

Forgive yourself. Panic attacks are heinous, and anybody would want comfort and to hit the reset button, get back to solid ground after an experience like that.

Some things that really help me when I'm out of control (I don't have panic attacks, but I'm anxious by nature and going through a lot of stress right now):

- Meditation. Whatever that means to you, but devote a half hour per day. More, if needed. I also use a meditation/relaxation tape when going to bed, lulls me right to sleep when my mind is spinning, without stuffing myself with food, which I might have done in the past, just to get sleepy.

- Eating low-carb, higher protein: basically lots of low-fat protein and veggies. Really grounding and stops the mood/energy swings.

- Taking a walk. 20 or 30 minutes, nothing ridiculous.

- Finding a few things I feel good about having done today. Make a list of what I'm doing "right," or how I helped somebody, or what is I am doing well, or counting blessings. Focus on what is going well in my life. Keep coming back to that focus when I want to eat badly or otherwise "sedate" myself.

Basically, I guess all this stuff is under the category of "gentle self-care." Hang in there.

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3/20/13 11:12 P

I had a severe Panic Attack yesterday and have been out of sorts completely since then. I forgot to take my morning meds both yesterday and today. I am now caught up, but I have also been binging on any and everything in the house. Regarding other's suggestions of keeping a journal, I know my binge eating is because of my panic attacks. What else can you suggest I do to break this horrible cycle?


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