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5/8/14 12:50 P

Plan to do something else during your binge times! I used to go for a walk every evening to avoid consuming everything in my fridge. I wasn't successful every day, but I was able to reduce the frequency of my binges. Once a week is way better than daily! Good luck!

5/8/14 12:00 P

place a mirror on the fridge..and in front of where u are sitting. i find it helps me to stop eating all the time....speically when i see myself!

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5/6/14 6:01 A

Below are some links to articles that you may find helpful:

I would be inclined to keep a diary of your thoughts and what has happened, that you turn to food. If may come down to poor choices leaving you feeling quite hungry, or it could be emotional. Sometimes there is some baggage in our past life that can result in binging. If you are finding it difficult to change your habits, then I suggest that you talk with your Dr about what is happening. It may be that there is something medical going on, but it may also be helpful to ask for a referral to a Therapist who deals with eating issues.

Good luck,

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5/6/14 5:33 A

A lot of people swear by tracking their food because it makes them more conscious of what they're eating

ALLONSY25 Posts: 2
5/6/14 2:21 A

Does anyone have tips on how to overcome binge eating?

It seems no matter what I do, I'm always mindlessly stuffing my face with junk....every night.

My weight is quickly rising. Please help. =(

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