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1/23/12 11:37 P

thank you so much! very much appreciated 'the sailer'

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1/23/12 10:31 A

Yeah sure, there you go:

Week 1:

Sunday: Basic
Tuesday: Combo Sculpt
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Ripped Core
Friday: Boot Camp Power
Saturday: Cardio Burn

Week 2:
Sunday: Rest
Monday:Body Blast
Tuesday: Cardio Burn
Wednesday: Ripped Core
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Basic
Saturday: Combo Sculpt

Week 3:
Sunday: Boot Camp Power
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Body Blast
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Ripped Core
Saturday: Basic

Week 4:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Body Blast
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Combo Sculpt
Thursday: Boot Camp Power
Friday: Ripped Core
Saturday: Cardio Burn

After Completing the 4 weeks, Repeat Week 2 and Week 4

hope that helps

the Sailor

1/23/12 9:24 A

i have the 24/7 program but lost my rotation calendar -could you PLEASE send me the workouts on the calendar - i tried to purchase it through the site but it is not allowed to be sold separately....

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1/18/12 5:07 P

i bought it, but do not use the bands. Instead I use hand weights b/c the band rub against my ankles, which is annoying. The workouts are only 30 minutes long, so if you feel you want more, I normally just throw on the ripped core as well.

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11/28/11 2:15 P

if you serious to be in good shape, i would say go ahead and buy it. but you have to follow a good, balanced diet as well.

good luck

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10/23/11 12:11 P 4am an infomercial came on and I spent the next 45 mi nutes talking myself out of ordering this series mainly because I think my main attraction to it are the resistance bands and weighted gloves...the bands attach to the gloves and an attachment piece that goes around your shoe so they move with you...BRILLIANT!!! Has anyone used these videos yet? I've done TaeBo and I like it..but before I invest in another set of dvds I wanted some input..
thanks in advance all!!

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