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DALE04359 Posts: 584
6/25/03 5:47 P

Just a update I wanted to let you all know I am at 99% healthy and back to making a difference to others. Miss you all will be posting more again now that I am back home from my trip to St. Louis.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
5/9/03 6:44 P

Thanks all. Still need your prayers but obn the road back to recovery. Still in hospital but have access.

DOCTORB SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 428
5/7/03 4:33 P

Yikes ... Whew ..... Oh Bill/Dale ..... We really are so thankful that such a caring individual is still with us .All the very Best of Wishes for a full and rapid recovery. :) ~~~~~ lol ~~~~~ :) ~~~~~~ ++++
~~~~~~ prayers ~~~~~~ thoughts ~~~~~~~~

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
5/7/03 11:10 A

I'm pulling for you Bill/Dale.

SP_COACH_JOE Posts: 7,941
5/6/03 10:57 P

Oh man, I hope you are okay Bill!!! It sounds like you are a strong son of a gun, so I'm sure you'll pull through! We are all thinking of you!!!

SPARKZACH Posts: 122
5/6/03 3:02 P

Hi everyone, this is Zach at SparkPeople. I wanted to let everyone know that Bill was in a very bad car accident last week. At one point the doctors thought they were going to lose him, but Bill pulled through and they now expect him to make a full recovery. He suffered several broken bones, along with facial damage, but everything is expected to heal. He also started talking again today. He wanted to pass along this message and let everyone know how he was doing. On behalf of everyone at the SP community I wish Bill a full recovery and hopefully he will return home soon.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
4/24/03 8:23 P

Thanks Brown. Also welcome to the boards it is always great to hear from all new comers. Give it pure dedication and you will indeed reach your goals.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/24/03 4:09 P

Welcome to the board Brown. The SP System will help you reach your goals and so will we here on the board. You can help us reach our goals too. I hope to see you posting here often.

4/24/03 3:48 P

Wow! your success is inspiring! I only need to lose 10-15 lbs. and I have found that to be very difficult. I work out regularly but still the weight won't leave my body. I found Sparkpeople today and am giving it a 10 day trial. Wish me luck. I hope I am a success like you are!!!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
4/24/03 2:43 P

Huh? ohhhh, ya I'm awake.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/24/03 1:00 P


DALE04359 Posts: 584
4/24/03 9:46 A

Oh ya I was asked about how I have time to sleep. Well church got so demanding and takes even more of my time with all the trips they have me go on that I left my Assistant managers job. The bonus part is I am making more through my ministries now so I have acctually not lost any income. Yet the sleep schedule is still about the same. I try to sleep in between theses posts.ZZZZZZzzzzzzz.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
4/24/03 9:43 A

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful responses to my story. I am honored that I can ispire so many. I must say yes it does take a lot of hard work and dedication but I can also say that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish any goals that you wish to. I proved it to myself. Now don't we owe ourselves that. To prove to ourselves exactly what we can do. A lot of people ask me so how did you actually do it. Well as I said a lot of hard work, dedication, trust in my Lord and myself, followed a diet(low carb) and walking everyday. And along with that the support from all here at Sparkpeople. This sight definitely gives you that extra boost and support and just when you feel you are about to give up on your goals you are reminded that you are not the only one that struggles plus you are reminded of all the support you have. This gives you taht boost right back up there to continue to strive to reach your goals. I keep remindeding myself with a picture next to my bed of myself at 345 and next to that picture is a mirror and when I look in the mirror I see all 230 pounds of me. Yes it is a huge difference and believe me I truly feel the difference and I feel great.

SP_COACH_JOE Posts: 7,941
4/18/03 6:06 P

Hi Bill

What a great story... congratulations! I bet you have inspired more people than you even realize, and now you're going to inspire even more, including me!

SPARKZACH Posts: 122
4/16/03 4:46 P

Hey there Bill. I was reading your intro and my jaw hit the ground at the results you have found with the Sparkpeople system. Congrats!

My name is Zach, and I work for the Publications Department at Sparkpeople. As you may have noticed, our success stories on the home page and the community section are very outdated. I am starting to create new success stories, and I think your story would be an awesome one for people to read about.

Would you be interested in having your story on the web site? If you want, send me an email at and let me know what you think. Thanks!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
4/16/03 4:35 P

Well I ussually sleep from 11:00 p.m. til about 4:00 am. I also might add I take Saturdays off from both jobs and Sundays off from the Asssistant managers job and dedicate that fully to church.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/7/03 12:22 P

You are indeed busy. When do you sleep?

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4/6/03 4:10 P

I love Maine! My family is from Maine and i have quite a few relatives in a small town called Hudson close to Old Town. I was there 4 years ago and can't wait to go back. I traveled all over Maine but especially liked camping by the ocean in Arcadia national park. Have you been there?

DALE04359 Posts: 584
4/5/03 6:52 P

Well lets see. My true name is Bill Smith. I live in the greater Portland area of the state of Maine. Since I have been with Sparkpeople I have gone from 335 pounds down to 235 over the last year plus. I have gone down 10 sizes in my pants size as well.I have now put 15 pounds back on in muscles and toning. I am in the best shape ever and that is with help from this sight and my own determination as well. I am single. I am a 37 year old. I am a pastor in compassionate ministries at my church as well as, in the choir, part of a mens quartet, a sunday school teacher, and a assistant manager for Tim Hortan's Restaurants. I have gone from doing nothing to having a very full life.

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