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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/26/14 11:49 A

The yoga chicks body is off the charts - for me that's what I would like to look like.

ha ha it's in the same fantasy where I also win the 500 million powerball lottery, too emoticon

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4/26/14 1:02 A

Thanks a lot! Im now officially subscribed!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/25/14 4:10 P

I see what I did wrong! There was an "s" added to http:

Try these: channel eFit30 channel Ali Kamenova

or type in the name of the exercise in the youtube search bar, like "core pilates" or "HIIT Workout" or "Zumba"

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SANDRACOLATO SparkPoints: (24,992)
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4/25/14 4:02 P

Thanks a lot, I know that sodium is important, I will track it for now on… And also eat more veggies!

One thing: I don't know why the youtube links don't work, could you please send me the name of the channels? I've been meaning to add training that is different from my usual gym workout (although I change it every 3 months with the help of my trainer) and Im pretty sure this will help me a lot!!!

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4/25/14 3:30 P

The way to lose fat is to combine strength training, cardio and most importantly, DIET, to burn more calories than you consume. The strength training is important (critical!) to preserving lean muscle mass, as without it, as much as 25% of your body weight loss is muscle, which results in higher body fat percentages.

There's no quick fix, and no shortcuts. There's no trick. No special workout to trim your arms or butt. Just good old fashioned hard work.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/25/14 3:30 P

I can sympathize with you - I'm at my goal pretty much, but I've an event in midseptember that I want to look smashing for.

Because you don't have that much to lose to begin with, it's gonna be harder to lose.

That said, there are a few things you can do:

Get jiggy with your tracker, and track every day. Aim for the lowest end of your range, but please realize that some days you will eat more due to more activity - do not beat yourself up, this is normal, and reality. Just stay in your range.

Drink 8 glass a day of water.

Add sodium to your tracker, and keep your eye on it. This will help prevent bloat/water weight gain.

Eat a ton of low calorie high fiber veggies, protein an good fat.

Cut out processed foods. They will provide empty calories,and fat and sodium overload.

Booze, if you drink it...track it. 5 beers is easily over 500 calories.

Exercise - cardio will help you lose the most weight. However, that's not really your problem.

Add pilates. Tone your body - flatten your tummy, firm your thighs, lift and firm your butt.

You tube has a ton of vidoes on all exercise forms -including pilates. Search in the bar for pilates. You can find cardio, in home walking, Zumba, etc. (all forms of cardio) there, as well as strength yoga (which tones your body as well).

This chick is really good at pilates:

And this chick is my yoga godess (her body is slamming!!):

But there is a ton on stuff on youtube - You can find HITT there, too.

SANDRACOLATO SparkPoints: (24,992)
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4/25/14 3:02 P

Hi, the truth is that I call it a bikini challenge because one of the reasons for which I want to be more fit is to rock that special bikini that I bought. However, Im doing this for life and the changes that Im making in my life are not just to fit in a bikini.

still, Thanks for your concern.

SANDRACOLATO SparkPoints: (24,992)
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4/25/14 3:00 P

Thanks a lot! Well, usually for me its really hard to lose weight, specially because Im in the healthy range for my height (5'3''), still, Im in the upper healthy range and I really don't like my flabby belly and arms, thats why I want to lose weight and specially fat. What is your workout to lose fat? thanks a lot!

BARBZUMBA SparkPoints: (13,795)
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4/25/14 1:13 P

Awesome..the thought of a bikni challenge gives me the "willies".

EXNOLA Posts: 296
4/25/14 8:35 A

Eating at a deficit and exercising will help you lose weight. 15 pounds off 136 is, however, possibly too ambitious in 3 months. For most people, that is a healthy weight (I'm right around there now) and it may take longer to lose than if you were over weight. Based on experience of the past 2 years, I can expect to lose about 1/2 a pound a week if I am really, really diligent. I am now working on body fat and strength over actual weight loss, though I am still monitoring weight.
For me, 3 months is just not enough time to see much change, but lifting heavy and HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) should help. Just don't do anything unhealthy to win the challenge- I promise you will regret it after.

4/24/14 8:38 P

What's a bikini challenge?

SANDRACOLATO SparkPoints: (24,992)
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4/24/14 3:02 P

Hi everyone,

Im trying to lose 15 pounds during the next 3 months, that because I'm officially part of a bikini challenge. Suggestions of what to eat and how to exercise?

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