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8/20/13 12:26 P

I invite you to take a look at the Spark team Slow Riders. We are recreational riders who use cycling for fun, recreation, commuting and also fitness.

PATTYGRAN Posts: 411
8/20/13 7:10 A

I'm excited and ready to start this new adventure. I want to join a local bike club, meet others that like to ride, see new places, and work at sstaying fit while I'm at it.

GINNABOOTS Posts: 8,748
8/18/13 11:45 A

I love to ride my bike. I am up to about 20 miles.

PATTYGRAN Posts: 411
8/18/13 9:29 A

Talked to Chad at my local bike shop and he was very helpful. We have narrowed it down to three bikes and now I have to decide. I believe it might be the cross bike. I am also rethinking the Cleveland to Cincinnati ride. I think I'm going to try some local ones that start out 20-50 miles and see how things progress. There is a local one in Octomer here in Cincinnati so I think I'll set my sights there for now.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
8/14/13 5:05 P


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8/14/13 11:47 A

My two bits:
The only reason I would consider a trike for your type of planned cross state ride is if you have a medical condition that affects your ability to balance (inner ear; seizures; etc...) Some recumbent (sitting down) bikes are good for low back/shoulder problems; but one with three wheels is going to be heavier....

Sitting on a properly height-adjusted seat your feet will NOT ever be on the ground, as the whole point is to have your leg almost fully extended when the pedal is at the maximum down position. However, on any bike --of the proper frame size-- it is easy to put a foot down by standing on one pedal and putting the opposite foot down.

PS: I'm also 5'2"; have put ~4000 miles on a 'cross bike" in the last 5 years. My cross bike is a bit heavier than a good road bike, but I have low back issues and this bike allows me to sit more upright (because the brakes are up higher on the handlebars) . Happy Riding!!!

8/14/13 11:14 A

Here is a link to a website which may help you find a proper road bike.

This link may also be helpful

8/14/13 10:22 A

To more specifically answer your question, for the event you mentioned get a traditional two wheel road bike. With a trike you have limited riding options more specifically you can not stand in the pedals to get extra power for those situation during which you will need it.

8/14/13 7:43 A

You mentioned wanting a road bike to use for racing purposes. With that description, it seems a road bike is what you want. And at the right size, your feet would not touch the ground when you are in the saddle—unless you got a comfort bike, which tend not to be made for racing.

Ultimately what you want is up to you—whatever meets your goals, your pocketbook, and your comfort.

I just bought a hybrid bike this past weekend. Saddle pain goes away quickly ;0)

PATTYGRAN Posts: 411
8/14/13 7:16 A

Thanks so far for all the response, however no one has yet mentioned the differnece between a bike and trike. One huge difference is the price as I've already found out, but what about the ride?I know that either of the bike shops I visited will hook me up with the right fit for my frame but one recommends the trike, the other a traditional two wheeler. I'm wondering if anyone rides a three wheeler and what they think of them vs the two wheeler?

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
8/14/13 6:16 A

Totally agree - as someone who has recently started riding again, a few times out and your rear adjusts to bike seats.

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8/14/13 2:09 A

I own a bike hire business and agree with comments made so far; to a degree...

Cushion seats - total waste of time and money. Your "rear" just needs to get used to the saddle.

Frame size - at your height, the options are more limited, unfortunately. While you could choose to go down to the Youth frame sizes, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as these frames are not designed to last as long as Adult frames. This is probably why the bike stores you visited recommended what they did.

Given you are new to riding, perhaps you could seek out a local bike hire firm who could help you experience different frame sizes before you commit to purchasing?

There are also companies who will let you try before you buy, so maybe go for that option...

At the end of the day, bike stores may be trying to "make a sale" but generally they will know a hell of a lot more than any one on a forum like this does!

Would you buy a new car from someone who knows how to drive but doesn't understand cars? Probably not...the same goes for bikes...

All the best!

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8/13/13 11:12 P

Sorry but based on my experience lose the cushion seat, they are a waste of money. When you find the correct bike have the shop fir the bike with a woman specific seat, that will be more comfortable over time. My partner Jodi will not ride a bike without a woman specific seat.

BROWNIE_1995 Posts: 2
8/13/13 9:45 P

Invest in a good seat that is very cushiony. They only cost 20 dollars at wal-mart but are well worth it! It will make your ride more comfortable and make it easier for you to continue.

RAINEMARIE214 Posts: 1,794
8/13/13 4:53 P

I agree. A good bike shop will be able to "fit you" to the appropriate bike. I am 5'2 also, and I had no problem finding a good model road bike that fits me perfectly. I dont have any difficulty getting on or off the bike, and I had them adjust the seat for me so that I felt comfortable, also. Perhaps you should keep looking at different bike shops.

8/13/13 4:46 P

I admit I am taken aback that a dedicated bike shop did not have a standard road bike frame to fit you. Frame height and step over height are the criteria which determine what size bike you should get, At your height something with a 17 or 18 inch frame and a step over height of 28 to 29 inches should work for you. I suggest you direct your search to bikes in those size criteria, I am sure that you will find what you need.

PATTYGRAN Posts: 411
8/13/13 3:06 P

Hi Everyone, I'm collecting information on bike riding. I want to purchase a road bike that I plan to ride a year from now in a 328 mile ride through my state. I've been to several bike shops and have two different sets of opinions, based (in my opinion) on the type of bikes they sell. The trike type and the traditional two wheeler. I am only 5 ft 2 in and climbing onto a traditional bike is a little difficult, as my feet don't reach the ground comfortabley however you do sit really low on the trike type and I'd say your head is about bumper height to a car. The trike are much higher priced and maybe would be more comfortable to ride long distance but part of the reason for riding is fitness and the workout on a traditional bike would seem to be a better one. Lastly, I haven't ridden a bike of any kind in around 30 years until this week and I fell in love again with riding, but I would say I'm pretty much a newbie. Any advise?

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