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ECKYLS Posts: 176
12/2/11 5:19 P

I had a trainer and sold it on craigslist... I found it really boring too. But I adore spinning classes. I get up for 5am spinning class a couple of times a week I like it so much! A good instructor makes it fun. I know there are DVDs out there to use at home with spin bikes, maybe try one with your bike on the trainer if the group classes aren't a good option.
One of my goals is to start biking to work this spring (I hate cold weather, so now it's a no go)

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
12/2/11 2:16 P

I second the "get on the road" advice. Trainers (those are the things that turn your bike into a stationary one) aren't meant to TRAIN you for hills. They're more meant to help you stay in condition when you can't be out on the road/trail. (and I agree with you, they are boring as hell--I know the one I bought ended up in the basement, gathering dust!).

If the weather is what's keeping you inside right now, you can keep your body conditioned doing other exercise until you can get back outside on your bike. Or have you thought about doing a spinning class? Then you can have the best of both worlds (and it might not be so boring if it's a class setting).

If you still want to work with the bike trainer, you can get blocks for the front tire that will mimic the incline of a hill (so you can work on your balance) but that means spending more money on something you already find boring so. . .

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
12/2/11 1:43 P

Ditch the boredom, get out on the roads.

Do you have access to this hill regularly? Go ride it. Okay, so you can't ride all the way up it. Ride what you can.

If you have smaller, easier, hills in the vicinity, ride those more often as a training, and ride the goal hill once a week or once a month to see how you're progressing.

Nothing trains you for riding hills like getting on your bike and riding hills.

12/2/11 12:58 P

My Biggest goal besides losing weight is to be able to ride my bike up the Hills at Ft Harrison. I realize that as I lose weight It will get easier but what execises can I be doing to help in this goal? I bought the device that turns my bike into a stationary bike but all that seems to do is bring Boredom, I can't get the resistance high enough to be hard, although I geuss trying to make it spin fast for a long time will help. Any thoughts?

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