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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 15,222
6/9/14 3:08 P

I agree with CallMeCarrie. There is something about them. The little things are in the bag and they whisper to you, Oh just one more. Just one more. And then before you know it. You're hitting the bottom of the bag. They are little devils.

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/3/14 1:20 P

Thank you for the reassurance! On one hand, I had to laugh at myself - I know better! On the other hand, I have no idea why I bought the bag earlier that day to begin with, so there was a tiny bit of self-chastisement. I've moved on, and am trying to be particularly diligent this week to make sure I stay well within my range and trying to go as low as possible on sodium.

I weighed and am at break-even with where I was last week. I'm banking on Becky's breakdown of water retention weight and will try the scale again later in the week or next week to see where those pesky water pounds level off. My sodium intake that day, between my "oopsie" and other meals eaten, was at a whopping 5,000 mg. Hopefully most of it is water retention, particularly since both Saturday and Sunday I was not too diligent on drinking much water while we were working on tearing up our living and dining rooms. I'm back on track as of Sunday (minus the water, which I got back on track with yesterday).

It's in the past and can't be changed, so I'll truck on ahead! On another note, I joined and started the Bootcamp challenge last week, and GOODNESS, there's a lot of muscle burning squeezed into those short little videos. Loving it!

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
6/3/14 7:57 A

Becky made a good point. 1200 extra calories would only move the scale 1/3 rd of a lb, but the Na will be a killer. You may gain 2-5 lbs.

Just go back to your plan, and realize that if you gained 3 lbs., that at least 2.67 of that is just water weight. It'll go away in 2-4 days.

6/2/14 9:02 P

I think Doritos are engineered to be difficult to stop eating. And you were in a vulnerable state, hungry and tired. That's a dangerous situation to be in. If you're like me, you won't feel to great the day after. Try not to beat yourself up too much, and definitely make your husband keep them away from you.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 15,222
6/2/14 8:37 P

I have done that before. Really tired from something and I eat the whole bag.

MARXELLA Posts: 106
6/2/14 7:58 P

My theory is you can't get hung up on a one to three day up and down gain on the scale. Like the other poster, you have to be diligent with sodium intake because of water retention. At the same time, I am trying to break myself of the do-or-die by the hands of my scale. Its hard, but the end of the week should tell you something more than maybe daily.

6/2/14 7:43 P

If you tend to retain water with a higher sodium intake; you will not get an accurate weight reading tomorrow.

It usually takes the body 3-5 days to return to a "normal" reading.

You ate about 1200-1500 extra calories---so say you would gain about 1/2 pound (or if you normally lose; you would maintain for the week).

So if you see a 2-4 pound weight increase---realize that most of the gain is water.

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/2/14 5:30 P

I've resisted the Dorito urge before - either "just said no" or counted out my 10 or 11 little chips that make a serving - but that night, I was tired and sore and sitting in a construction zone, trying to pretend like I wasn't. I'd run to the store mid-reno work because we needed stuff to make dinner but had not pre-portioned that bag into baggies yet. I think it all compounded to defeat any form of self-control.

Will try better next time! Hopefully it isn't too big a hit on the scale, but oh well. At least that bag is out of the house. Hah! Heh. Eh...

MARTHA324 SparkPoints: (105,783)
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6/2/14 4:10 P

It happens and don't get crazy with the scale when you weigh; you'll probably be up but that isn't real weight gain.
I don't know how anyone resists the big bag of Doritos!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/2/14 4:03 P

lol.....we all learn the hard way - but at least you learned emoticon

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/2/14 3:51 P

Saturday, my hubby and I busted our rumps on a remodel project all day. We had breakfast, skipped lunch (I know...) but had a reasonable dinner. We were both still a little munchies when we finally sat down that evening and I was still 200 under on my calories when hubby grabbed a brand new bag of Doritos, opened it, and sat down next to me. Initially, I thought, "oh no!" but I still had some calorie room to even the bottom of my range and was too tired to get up and grab something better, so I had a couple. Then a couple more. Then a few more. Somewhere in there, hubby got up and went to bed but I was watching a show on Netflix. Two hours later as my show was ending, I hit the bottom of the bag...and realized I'd devoured the whole thing! I think he only took a couple before he wandered away.

It wasn't a little "lunch" sized bag, either. Oh no. It was a full-sized 11-oz bag! Seriously, I thought I had most of my trigger foods ID'd and locked out of the house. And it wasn't even that good.

I did track it and went about 1,000 calories over the top end of my range (not counting any tracked exercise - no idea how to track the work done with the reno...and wouldn't, while it was labor-intensive I never got heart rate high enough that I'd think it would amount to much).

Weigh in is tomorrow so I'll see if and how much damage was done, and Doritos are now on the "do not bring that in here!" list along with most types of ice cream, cakes, and most anything bakery-oriented.


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