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12/31/11 1:21 P

I am going to try the simply sensible meals, alone with a exercise plan.
I hope this work for me. my goal is to be more healthier this year. Thanks for the information
on where to find the meals.

EMILY042 Posts: 2
4/6/11 3:17 P

You can get a $1 off coupon at The coupon is good through 5/31/2011.

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4/6/11 3:10 P

I haven't tried them yet although I think they sound good. I will wait for them to go on sale or I have a coupon.

EMILY042 Posts: 2
4/6/11 2:27 P

I think that $6.99 is a good deal for 2 meals. I think that you should probably eat something else with it. Like a salad or another vegetable or something to make it a full meal. You can get a $1 off coupon at I am going to give them a try. I will let you know what I think.

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3/18/11 11:55 A

I agree JILLY- I wouldn't spend my money on them either- $6.99 is crazy! Yes, there is supposed to be two serving per package....2 servings of 200-250 cals each- other words they are really one serving and at $6.99 that's too spendy.

KARA623 Posts: 727
3/18/11 11:50 A

I think they're new. I don't recall having seen them plug them on the show until this week. I would try them in a pinch, but most of those prepackaged meals are very high in sodium. And that price is pretty prohibitive. I can't imagine they're any better than your average low fat frozen meal. They just are capitalizing on the popularity of the show.

KIAHT6 Posts: 267
3/18/11 11:43 A

oh, that's pricey! I think I may have to skip them.

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3/18/11 11:42 A

I just googled them... you can find them at Walmart, Super Target, Publix grocery stores. They are in the meat or refridgerator section and cost $6.99.

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3/18/11 11:39 A

If you're looking for convinience foods that are less cal/ more healthy make sure you check out Fresh&Easy. They have a line of foods that are called 'eatwell' and are actually really tasty! They have both a frozen and fresh selection available.

3/18/11 11:34 A

Created by chef Calvin Harris, Simply Sensible Entrees are available in five fresh and delicious flavors:

Beef Pot Roast with Mashed Potatoes, 220 calories per serving, 2 servings per package

Lasagna with Meat Sauce, 200 calories per serving, 2 servings per package

Mediterranean-Style Chicken Boneless Chicken Breast with rib meat in a White Wine & Rosemary Sauce and
Bowtie Pasta, 250 calories per serving, 2 servings per package

Beef Tips and Gravy with Brown Rice, 200 calorie per serving, 2 servings per package

Zing Chicken Boneless Chicken Breast with rib meat in a Sweet & Spicy Asian-Style Sauce and Brown Rice, 230 calories per serving, 2 servings per package

The fully cooked meals are a snap to prepare, either in the microwave or simmered on the stove.

KIAHT6 Posts: 267
3/18/11 11:23 A

I wasn't aware they made these. I am going to have to check them out.

3/17/11 4:46 P

I live in Phoenix, AZ. Does anyone know which grocery store chains (e.g. Safeway, Kroger, WalMart, etc.) are selling the new Biggest Loser Simply Sensible Meals (in the refrigerated - not frozen - section)?

Thank you!

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