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10/16/13 1:42 P

I agree with your first part of the post. I too have read books and seen the workout videos that are not BL based and the trainers definitely talk up diet completely different. I also agree that though the contestants are eating better, they are still eating a massive amount of processed foods. I don't own a microwave nor anything plastic. My leftovers are kept in glass containers.

For the second part where you would like to see comparisons, I don't really ever see that happening. Part of the show is the game and the drama. To dedicate one or two episodes to what you are suggesting (and personally I love the suggestion), I can't see it happening. I too have watched the show from the beginning season and enjoy it for the most part. I have problems with the exercise or amount of exercise they actually do in a day to the amount of calories they consume.
i would also like to see a breakdown from week to week of the changes. the exercises don't seem to change. Sure sometimes they are outside, but I see them more on cardio machines (which I refuse to go on) then doing honest to goodness bodyweight exercises. I would like to see some tabata style or circuit training.
SP promotes that weight is lost in the kitchen, but the BL doesn't seem to promote that as much since the contestants are in the gym hours a day.

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10/16/13 8:49 A

I don't know if anyone has a topic going about concerns/questions about the Biggest Loser show and diet, but if you know of one, please send me a link. I have been a loyal watcher of BL since the very beginning. I love the show and the stories. I have been unhappy with only two things 1) the inconsistent and unhealthy (understatement) recommendations for particular products and foods made by the show and trainers - eg. Microwaveable ziplock/steam bags (yet no accountability to date about the bpas and other harmful stuff you get by doing that); recommending EXTRA gum and sugar free yogurts (splenda based) when there is study after about the body's response to diet come, Splenda/equal ingredients and the unwanted effect of insulin triggers - not to mention the known damages from increased consumption of these unnatural products. This is a show to inspire HEALTH and DIET and while the extremes done on the show aren't meant to be followed for life necessarily, the introduction of these products when starting a LIFESTYLE CHANGE is irresponsible to say the least. If you read Bob and Jillian's books - they are so different in their approach from each other and even from the way they seem on the show - but they both address the harm of diet can they say they wouldn't back products/diets/shows if they didn't believe in them and then be so hypocritical?

I realize that for some contestants the change to Splenda based products or nuking plastics may be a better alternative than what they were doing but if the show is about changing lives and paying it forward, they should be more honest with the public about why they aren't promoting those steam bags anymore and why they double-talk when they promote artificial sweeteners on the show. The show can afford to do better!! What is in all those BL products?!?

2nd request - I would love for one or two episodes a season to show us a day in the life of what a contestant can/should eat week 1 vs week 7 - we all want to improve the way we eat and while the contestants have stocked kitchens etc, they still are taught to make balanced choices. Seeing them learning what to eat, how to balance nutrients each meal and journaling so they end up where they need to - even though we don't workout 6 hrs a day - this would be so great and such a public service. Similarly, the exercise stuff - in weeks 1, 2, and 3 - presumably when much of the viewing public can do what BL is doing in the gym, it would be great to see an entire workout with Bob or Jillian or Dolvett - showing what he does with them as a team and what modifications he makes for the person with knee problems or back problems. We see snip its of that if there's a contestant who uses the pool - but what if we don't have a pool/can't afford a pool? I'd love to know in weeks 1 and 3 for example - how long are contestants on the treadmill in one session (v all day) and what speed/incline - where are they expected to be by week 3 or 4? If one has very week core issues together with overall instability (balance) due to weak core, bad knees etc - is it prudent for that person to do the elliptical/treadmill without hands - eg: some of the heavier contestants look as if they are bouncing which can really hurt them? How much floor work (planks, bridges) do they do week 2/3 vs week 7/8 and what do you expect of them minimally in week 1/2 to show YOU they have what it takes and aren't giving up? I'd like to see a little more of that....

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