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3/25/13 10:54 P

today's workout was awesome!

GREEBO Posts: 24
3/25/13 7:09 P

So glad to help MammaRiany! Sweat, have fun, and pretend you're a beast:) Unconventional is the way to go. Protect your hip but know that everything you do strengthens that area, allowing you to do more.(But keep an eye on it)

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3/25/13 5:39 P

YOU have been a huge help to me!

We are very similar in age. i am 53 in 4 mos. i am much shorter (5'4") and a few lbs heavier 4. so i can see that i am on the right track. my husband kept saying i needed something unconventional! i think i found it.

continue your progress and I will do the same. today is my first day! I am so sore and can't over due it so my hip does not pop out, but i am focused!

I will check in and let you know of my progress. thank you so much for the encouragement!

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3/25/13 5:11 P

Don't do the jumping then!:)

I have no idea the calorie burn as I try really hard to ignore all that. My goal is just to happily move.....and to move like an athlete. I like to think I'm training not exercising. I can tell you that it seems to fit into my program quite easily and seems like an equal exertion.(Which is probably why Biggest Loser to football teams employ ropes in training)

The fact that you're feeling it all over should tell you it's full body. When your thighs and quads hurt the next's full body.(And seriously, it's really about the it right and the core is screaming)

My program...and background. I'm 54 years old. Was ridiculously out of shape. Leslie Sansone wasn't cutting it.(Though I have a deep abiding fondness for her) For 5 months I've been doing Kettlebells, boxing, bag work, ropes, tire flipping and recently added RUSHFIT. My motto is, if it isn't fun and sweaty, I don't do it. I probably do the ropes 2 times a week. I've added the movements from the video to bagwork, tire flipping and farmer's runs for 1 hour. I love the ropes!

Other days I do boxing, kettlebells, and RUSHFIT. Depending on how I feel I do 4 to 6 days a week. Generally 1 to 2 hours a day. Hey for fun I lift and carry my hubby.....and he's a 2nd degree black belt:)

I'm almost 5'7". I started at 205lbs, and am now at 170.(In less than 5 not speedy, but so far, no loose skin) I try to eat around 2000-2300 cals a day. I've lost so many inches and dress sizes. I really look so much smaller than what I weigh...and it amazes me. More importantly, I went from swinging and lifting, 25 pounds to 70 and 55 pounds. I can do stuff that I never thought I could do. I'm strong.(Shock!)

I'm eating mostly clean. Trying very hard to nail 5 fruits and veggies, lean protein and fiber. I do have wine. I want this to last I incorporate the restaurant cheat days,(I find I don't really love this.....but I have friends who refuse to do anything other than dine out)

So big yes to results. And though I do a lot of other things I have to say the ropes feel a very important part of the process. One thing...I think my metabolism was very slow from all my dieting. Weight loss was very slow....until one day it all kicked in. I'm losing inches very quickly now.

Ropes Gone Wild is from Art Of Strength. I love them....the workout is a great tutorial.

Tried to find a calorie burn...but couldn't. I did note that a lot of guys use ropes as a metabolic burner though at the end of workouts. So that should say something.

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3/25/13 3:19 P


oh quite the contrary. that was what i was trying to explain to the other community member. I am using all of me. my abs are on fire; arm hurt and thighs are catching it too!

i can';t do a lot of impact on my hips like jumping since i am only 3 mos full, right hip replacement.

Are you ok with sharing with me your program? are you eating anything special or just a meal program with a number of calories you have designed for yourself?

1.what should i say is the number of calories burned per minute? i can't seem to find it anywhere.
2. how often do you do the DVD?
3. how long have you been doing it?
4. have you seen results?

thx for your input!

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3/25/13 3:02 P

It's a full body workout. In order to do it properly, you give the rope some slack and use the whole body. If you're using just your're doing it wrong. I use the Ropes Gone Wild DVD and can assure you that you are giving your core and legs an amazing workout.(Try slamming the ropes and then jumping up explosively, it will smoke you:) ) I would compare it to kettlebells, it looks like you're using just your arms and upper body but in's a full body workout.

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3/25/13 2:42 P

although it seems like my knees are taking a beating I will bear your info in mind. Thanks, again.

I am also going to be starting Aqua Running which should be more than running on land and swimming... how do i calculate that? is there a formula?

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3/25/13 2:13 P

That's hard work, isn't it?

Bear in mind the bigger calorie burners are the things that use whole-body movement, like running or swimming. This one doesn't use the lower body at all, where your biggest muscles are. So while it feels 'really hard to do', that doesn't mean it's going to be a huge calorie burner.

You could google it. If you want accuracy on something you can't find online, you'll need to buy and wear a Heart Rate Monitor that gives you a calorie burn estimate.

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3/25/13 1:13 P

Hi everyone!
I am old to Spark People, but NEW to actually finding a plan and making a best effort at staying on top.

I have found that the gym my husband attends has a boxing bag and "Biggest Loser" rope that is heavy as hec to turn/swing. Does anyone know how I calculate how many calories i would be burning if I exercised using the rope? Any help would be appreciated!

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