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12/14/11 9:29 A

John needs to pass along what he learned to his wife for sure, guess she let him do his thing, so he could win, now he needs to let her have turn and be a healtyh family!

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12/14/11 9:20 A

John won- no surprise. he was the most dedicated contestant.

His wife is a disaster, though- man, she will be his downfall if he can't sustain the losses.

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12/12/11 11:01 A

I liked that Jon through down the gauntlet, drew a line in the sand so to speak and challenged people, he wants to win in a bad way but if he does not get his head worms in check he is heading down a path that will take him back to where he started!


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12/12/11 10:54 A

Prediction for finale-

John wins. He's been a jackass all season, but his focus and determination, which have bordered on unhealthy, are too much to overcome, i think.

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12/8/11 12:03 A

I like watching that show, it is my Tuesday night workout time. I will workout at night while watching tv. It also gives me a few ideas for my own workouts and eating that I did not know or may have forgotten...

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12/7/11 10:18 A

Last night: the marathon.

Most of the contestants actually got through a 26.2 mile course. Quite an accomplishment considering how obese they all were.

Winner: Ramon, clocked in at 5 hours, 5 minutes. I told my wife I'd be stunned if anyone finished in under 5 hours. Still, the overall focus for the former fatsos to get through was something. Finishers 2-4 all clocked in under 5 hours, 30 minutes. Pretty good.

The old-timers who finished last were well over 10 hours. Hopefully they didn't do permanent damage to themselves!

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11/16/11 9:55 A

glad she finally did the right thing!

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11/16/11 9:35 A

Bonnie bites the dust!

Whew- this season is saved from that old hag.

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11/10/11 11:01 A

AsBugs would say, "what a maroon".

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11/10/11 10:55 A


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11/10/11 10:23 A

For some reason I can't fast forward through TBL on my DVR this week- I hope NBC didn't do something to disable FF on DVR'd shows, like they did with their "on demand" shows.

Now I'm slogging through this week's show, commercials, annoying challenges, and all- taking forever. I do know Joe got the boot, and somehow the old hag, Bonnie, hangs on. It seems like she's been de-emphasized a bit, though- maybe the producers/directors realized they'd created a really unlikable character in her?

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11/3/11 12:49 P

I watched one program and that was the end of that. Exploitation is the new normal in alphabet networks.

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11/2/11 12:00 P

Real happy for RGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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11/2/11 11:30 A

Good for you, RGR. Glad for you.

I like my TV- entertainment, sports, educational. I tape these shows to watch while on the treadmill...... I'm happy for you, though.

RGRJOE175 Posts: 469
11/2/11 10:42 A

Unless it is educational (history/discovery/national geographic), a movie or sports.

I don't watch it. Never seen biggest loser...never will.

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11/2/11 9:59 A

They kept Bonnie cause she is no threat, she won't lose that much weight every week, they eliminated the strong to save their own necks, she will be kept around until they don't need her! emoticon

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11/2/11 9:25 A

Anna got her vindication this week. Clearly "Bonnie" has been trashing her in the house, and the new team hated Anna- until she worked out with them and they loved her.

What a shame "Bonnie" is still around- she is useless.

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10/30/11 6:50 P

Lots of rigging in these so called reality shows. Shows like idol and biggest loser, dancing with the stars, it is all about ratings. Note that no numbers are ever published on the number of calls or votes on any of these shows.

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Coram deo
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10/27/11 10:32 A

I finished watching this week's show. I believe it was rigged to ensure a black team member take the bullet. No black teamers had been ousted yet, and I think the clear choice should have been the old had, "Bonnie". She loses no weight, she doesn't put her best effort in when working out, and she is a moaner and complainer on top of it. Her lack of weight loss indicates to me she must be sneaking snacks too.

Interesting how everyone did so badly this week. i guess plateaus galore are being hit.

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10/25/11 10:47 A

The wife and I watch it. It's good to see the contestants get their weight under control, grow as humans and realize a lot of the issues that caused their weight gain. I'm sure half of them are right back where they started but at least the show helps some people.

I'm always FLOORED by the results when they do the "age" vs "body/actual age" thing. It's crazy that some people are in their mid 20's and have organs, bones, and cardiovascular systems of 55-60 year old people. I think that is a real wake-up call.

The chic that won it last year is pretty damn good looking now that you can "see" her figure.

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10/24/11 12:13 P

I've never been able to get into the show. I've tried, but it just doesn't do anything for me.

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10/24/11 12:04 P

Agreed- I'd like to see some more knowledge given, but I guess it is better for the show's ratings to focus on contestants' "inner demons"- more drama and "conflict" created.

All they really do in terms of fitness is show the people working out. Maybe they could get some more fitness equipment companies as sponsors, so that some more technique is demonstrated.... It seems that is how the nutrition is done- Subway for example weaving in that ad a couple of weeks ago when the eliminated contestant took her son to a Subway instead of a donut shop, to get a "fresh fit sub".........

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10/24/11 10:22 A

I like the show but losing that kind of wait is unrealistic for us normal joes, the age thing is killing the show, once the old farts are gone then maybe, Bonnie is out of control with her emotions, she is not ready to be pushed. I too would love to seem ore on what they eat and drink, how often they eat and so forth, instead of seeing one of them break down cause of a favorite dog ran away with a favorite toy, and the Easter Bunny Isn't real that's why I am fat, It does do some good to hear that stuff and makes you think, but I want more nutrition and what not.

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10/19/11 10:28 A

I only watched the first half of this week's show this morning- I'm hoping "Bonnie" gets voted off. i have had enough of her- she is the biggest idiot i can remember ever seeing on this show.

She is impossible to work with- she resists everything Anna asks of her; she voted off Coach Mike in a real show of disrespect to him last week, and in my opinion isn't a serious contestant. Just my take, though!

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10/14/11 12:28 P

I agree - the "age divisions" idea is a major bust. It is hurting the show. the old-timers are completely uncompetitive, and not physically able to keep up. i guess it's a good thing to show that anyone at any age can get back in shape and be healthy, but it just isn't a fair competition.

And the old timers are stupid to boot- how can they vote out their only leader, Coach Mike? man, stupid- that old lady who voted him off has been a major detriment to that team every week, and she does that to the only guy who can stay with the younger competitors.

The only thing that the show can do now is dissolve the geezers team and move them into the middle-ager group; maybe move a middle-ager to the young group....

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10/14/11 11:53 A


DEANJR86 Posts: 126
10/12/11 4:11 P

I like the show, but I don't necessarily like the age divisions.

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10/12/11 12:44 P

Still no challenge that can cater to the old-timers, eh?! Man, that one yesterday was brutal for those geezers.

It's pretty clear that the battle of the age groups comes down to the youngster under -30's, with their edge in overall youth, against the middle ager 30-50's, with their savvy and stamina reserves. The old-timers are useless, and became even more so by eliminating Coach Mike, the only one on the team worth anything.

I only saw the first hour this morning while on the treadmill- no running for me this week, as I twisted my ankle last week and am doing 4.3 mph at 7% incline this week instead of running, by the way. I twisted my ankle geting out of bed at night w/ my foot asleep about 10 days ago. I guess my sister-in-law tore a tendon in her ankle doing something similar, so I'm glad I didn't do more damage.

But, I found out the Coach was axed in an e-mail from Biggest Loser this morning.....I'll watch how it goes down tomorrow morning.

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10/5/11 1:46 P

How do you get +2 anyway in week 3?
Never heard of a plateau after 3 weeks... He wanted to leave.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
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10/5/11 9:30 A

This week's BL was a good one- very much geared toward us in the guys demographic with the NFL on board.

I liked seeing Shawne Merriman of my Buffalo Bills leading the last chance workout for my age group, the black team"- I wish he would finally do something to do his "lights out" dance on the football field, though!

Fun show- yes, i think the old timers are outmatched overall, despite Anna. Can't blame her, and I'm glad she singled out "Johnny" as the dimsum he was at the beginning of the show. He really hurt them last week.

TOM_CH SparkPoints: (3,427)
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10/5/11 2:08 A

Wow, tonight was pretty surprising...
Old coach is going to the Superbowl!!!
I keep waiting for a challenge that is geared towards the old team, but so far no love there... I am rooting for them though.

LEAHSDAD Posts: 461
10/3/11 7:42 A

I haven't watch the current one on tv yet, but I will be soon. I have the dvr taping the episodes. I have never actually watched the regular one. I have however watched the couples one the last 2 seasons.

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10/3/11 6:20 A

No question about that- I think the rapid weight loss and drama around that is a real negative for the show- it gives people a very unrealistic view of what it takes to lose weight.

Many even on here are expecting to lose 50 lbs in a month, instead of the 2 or so per week that is the healthy way to do it.

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10/2/11 11:10 P

I watch it some but can't say I am a regular. From the ones I've seen, the results are amazing but SP's slow and steady approach still seems a more realistic and life changing program.

DENA1030 Posts: 284
10/1/11 4:22 P

I love BL. The first episode I ever watched was the finale for season 1, then I was hooked. Couldn't believe these people changed so dramatically in such a short time through diet and exercise. I've learned a ton from little tiny bits over the past seasons. What resonated with my the most was a past contestant throwing the weigh ins. Jillian went on to explain, briefly, the science of weight loss. It fascinated me so I read up and learned a ton. It absolutely kick started my weight loss journey almost 2 years ago. It still inspires me every week.

SMITH80 Posts: 66
10/1/11 10:57 A

Watch it every week.

HGSGUY SparkPoints: (148,051)
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10/1/11 10:41 A

I haven't seen it yet this year. We usually don't watch much TV anyway, but my wife dislikes Jillian Michaels! If she is gone, maybe she will watch it!

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TOM_CH SparkPoints: (3,427)
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10/1/11 2:37 A

Kind of the only show I've been watching the last couple of seasons besides the ultimate fighter.
You whatch though, they will mix it up and give the old team a good chance.

And yes, Ana rules (i love tennis: to watch and play myself).

Go Roger!!!

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
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9/30/11 12:47 P

I never watched this show until last season, when I wanted to see how Rulon Gardner did. I am still watching.

This season: the old-timers have no chance, do they? They just can't compete. The guy who was kicked off this week (John) was a real clown, too- he gains 2 pounds, then talks about how the team needs him, after he spent all week complaining about how he needed a break. At least he's done better at home.

Anna Kournikova is pretty good! i like her, and the other new trainer. Wish they'd give more workout and nutrition tups, but if the show at the very least wakes people up and causes them to try to start losing weight, it's done some good.

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