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4/24/13 9:27 P

That is a pretty good link and is easy to follow. Makes much more sense to me too. Thanks, Bethie

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4/24/13 8:50 P

Great job working on dealing w stress in ways other than carbs! That's been a tough one for me too.
Here's a link that might help w serving size/portions. Geared towards kids, but that made it easy for ME to understand! Lol :-)

I,too, think skipping the weigh in during the period week is a good idea. Keep up the great work!

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4/24/13 7:27 P

Thanks for the replies. As someone mentioned, I think I'm gonna call it quits on the weigh-ins during the period. I'm stressed to the max right now (car broke down RIGHT after work) and surprisingly, for once, this emotional eater isn't grabbing for carbs or food in general (thank god). I'm just...stressed/depressed and all that jazz, my hormones are probably making it worse.

Also, I think only white meat is being served anyway (I hate dark meat as it is). Since I'm not really sure how much 3oz is by eye...I'm not gonna stress too much about it. I'll be unable to eat lunch at work anyway, now that I think of it, so I'll prolly have even more cals than usual to spare because I don't get time for a break on Mondays and Thursdays. I'll just be sure to skip gravy on my turkey, eat a half baked potato and then the rest of my meal will be the cauliflower.

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4/24/13 11:22 A

Your calories range gives you some flexibility. Passing on the gravy is a great idea and selecting half a baked potato in favor of the entire option is another great option. Select a 3 oz potion of white meat turkey (lower fat than dark meat) and then fill the rest of your plate with vegetables and you should be right in line. Eating below your recommended calorie level can be a problem so enjoying an evening with family and a daily intake of 1400 calories shouldn't through off your weekly goals. Here are some resources that might also help.

Ask the Expert Question: If I consume fewer calories than my plan recommends, will I lose weight faster?

Smart Portion Control Tips

Coach Tanya

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4/24/13 11:11 A

Don't weigh yourself during your period. It'll just upset you. Skip your weigh-in that week.

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4/24/13 10:57 A

I need help with this too.

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4/24/13 10:42 A

Well, I've been working on eating healthier (and have been doing quite well, might I add, since I started on April 1st, I've been down 12lbs). I should've hit the 13lb mark yesterday or the day before, but then the inevitable happened: my period. Even though I only consumed 1100 calories yesterday and was only .4lbs away from my 13lb loss, somehow I GAINED .8lbs (Yes, I weigh myself at the same time in the mornings I get weighed). You can imagine I'm really bummed out. For the women: How do you stay motivated during your period weeks and avoid your "pregnancy-like" cravings? I know not everyone gets 'em, but I do.

Also, going to my grandparents for dinner tomorrow night. We're having turkey breast, a baked potato (don't worry, I've got the 0 calorie I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray), and cauliflower. I know cooked on here, it's only about 57 calories for 2 cups, and I probably won't eat 2 cups worth, but is there a lot of calories in turkey? I won't touch gravy if there is any, but how do I know how much turkey I can have? After breakfast and lunch, I usually have about 500+ calories to spare. Any ideas?

Also, thanks for the feedback!

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